Outbound call centers run different telemarketing campaigns for acquiring potential leads and converting them into customers. Everything in business revolves around sales. The productivity of an outbound call center is measured depending on its capability of generating sales. For this purpose, outbound call centers focus on bringing on board those agents which have skilled expertise in generating sales. Also, the agents need to have strong interpersonal and communication skills. It refers to the way or manner in which an agent is speaking to a prospective customer. This determines whether the prospect can be converted into a buyer or not.

The call center solution can be utilized effectively to improve the productivity of agents so that they can hit their sales targets.

Mentioned below are some useful practices for improving the functioning of outbound call centers, which will ultimately lead to higher sales and revenue generation:

1) Making use of the predictive dialer

The prime reason why outbound call centers go with a call center solution is to save valuable time of the agents and maximize the number of calls made and agents talk-time which ultimately boosts productivity. The predictive dialer is one such feature available in the call center software, which can be utilized for improving the productivity of the agents. It is a system inbuilt in a call center solution that is responsible for automatically calling a list of telephone numbers in a sequence. It filters out the disconnected lines, busy numbers and calls not answered and transfers only the live and real calls to the agents. Thus, the predictive dialer helps in saving both the time and efforts of the agents, which they can utilize in the actual sales process.

2) Training and development of call center agents

Most call center agents use prewritten call scripts to speak to the prospects. But, their pitch is too monotonous and repetitive. This approach is very unlikely to materialize into sales. The agents must use their interpersonal skills and knowledge to convert a potential prospect into a buyer in reality. By using the call center software, managers can track the performance of the agents and provide the necessary training to sharpen their interpersonal skills.

3) Using the call recording feature

In today's world, misunderstandings are quite common in every industry. The call center industry is no exception to this. These small misunderstandings can lead to bigger disputes at a later stage. There are chances that there might be a difference in opinion between what an agent has offered and what the customer has understood. An effective way to deal with this situation is to have proof in the form of a recorded call. Using the call recording feature available in the call center software helps resolve conflicts easily.

4) Collecting and analyzing feedback

The call center solution provides the option of collecting feedback from customers through different modes like IVR calls, email, online forms or SMS. Making a note of the customers’ feedback and analyzing the same would help in identifying the loopholes in the functioning of the call center. It is essential to act on every relevant feedback so that it is not repeated in the future.

5) Frequently updating the lead database

It is an important fact to know that all prospects will not require the product or service offered to them. It is vital to remove these prospects from the calling database and replace them with new leads. Hence, it is essential for team leaders and managers to constantly update the calling database with new leads.

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