These days, most of the users expect apps to work even when they’re offline. Else, bad network connection translates into poor user experience. Near about 21% users uninstalls an app just after one use. In app messaging, Push notifications and offline mode helps to retain users. Offline mode is necessary for delivery apps having GPS navigation, banking apps and apps for urgent medical assistance. Users like offline apps because it can work constantly without delays, can load immediately, and consume less battery.

Types Of Offline Apps-
Based on the nature and function of app, offline apps are divided into 3 categories-

One user can edit other user’s data- making edits to an offline Google doc type app.
Data can be edited and synched offline, for example, note taking app.

Data stored offline- without any editing functionality, eg., On-demand Uber – X app
Selecting An Architecture To Create Offline App-
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