Online Reputation Management (ORM) is focused on building and maintaining a true reputation of a brand on the Internet. ORM is an asset which every organization wants to uphold. Online reputation management helps in maintain good online presence, marketing your brand, change people opinion about your brand and maintain consistent communication with your clients.

In this cyber era businesses are constantly being evaluated and receive public opinion about them via social media and online reviews which can influence the decision of buyer.

Few years ago things were different. Organizations were not engaging customers but just selling their products/services. People could not express their opinion about any brand because that time everything was not online and there is not much awareness of social platforms among the people but now things have radically changed user-generated content is must and regular interaction with audience on social media is vital for any business success.

“As per Forbes report, Businesses may lose 22% of business if any potential customer finds one bad article on the first page of their search results.” Which makes ORM very important for a company.

These online reputation management trends will help you to manage the public perception and reduce bad reputation risk for your brand.

1. Wave of Online Reviews

Online reviews comes first in mind when we discuss ORM for any organization. Online review trend is well-known for creating and destroying a brand image. There was a time when people used to express their views through word of mouth but these days’ people use to every single online platform to express their opinion.

Nearly 84 percent of consumers read online reviews before making a purchase decision which is a huge number for an organization. It’s absolutely essential for a brand to regular monitor online platforms and respond to customer’s complaints as cheerfully as they can.

Regular monitoring online platforms give you a complete view of what people are saying about you and your business? You can respond to those complaints in real time and quickly address bad online reviews or share positive ones to increase social engagement and brand awareness.

2. Video Content

Content marketing play a big role in reputation management plan of an organization. Content marketing in a form of blog, article, infographics and videos maintain company’s reputation. Nowadays video content marketing is become most popular trend.

Millions of users are spending most of their time on online video sharing sites and apps. Consumers are always look for video content tailored to their specific needs and companies can use this need of users as a great opportunity to share their brand and motto with their target audience. Video marketing is and will continue to play a big role in company’s online promotion and brand awareness that is why many brands have embraced it as a marketing strategy.

3. Social Media Continue to Rule

Social media is still in the race of online reputation management not only the online reviews but increasing the customer engagement is also a positive side of social media. By regular posting and making contact with your follower on social media platforms make a big difference how people see your brand. Closely monitoring your social channels should be high on the list of your brand management priorities.

Your brand is your primary asset that need to be defended. Having a clear strategy to manage and repair reputation on social media is key to success. Promoting a brand on social media is completely changed because of social media platforms like, and It is a completely new level of promotion and very important for any brand to make themselves familiar with these trends in order to stay ahead in the competition.

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Cyberroot Risk Advisory is international strategic consultancy specializing in information security and online reputation management. We helps corporates, government agencies and individuals reduce their exposure to risk and maintain their online reputation.