Employers looking to fill a retail manager position will seek a candidate with experience, skills, and success in areas related to operations, employee management/training, costs control, customer relations, merchandising and marketing. To craft a resume with impact for retail management, you have to demonstrate results. It is not enough to simply outline responsibilities you’ve held. You need to highlight specific accomplishments and/or contributions that directly impacted the success and profitability of a business.

Some specific skills or strengths to highlight on your resume that will help to demonstrate success in retail management include:

- Customer relations
One of the more important aspects to the job of a retail manager is understanding and knowing what your customers need and want. The more you understand these requirements, the higher your chances of success in achieving customer satisfaction.

One way to demonstrate success in this area on your resume is by indicating specific actions that led to a high-rate of repeat and referral customers. Indicate on your resume relevant successes such as securing a 90% customer loyalty rate. Also mention if you launched initiatives such as a Loyalty Program, customer promotions, newsletters or social media campaigns (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and what kind of outcomes they produced. These types of results help demonstrate that you know what it takes to gain a loyal following.

- Marketing and Merchandising
Retail managers who know how to market and merchandise the store’s products can see significant growth in sales.

Success can be demonstrated in this area in many ways. Show how you measured sales trends and inventory levels and translated this into effective merchandising strategies. Perhaps you changed the layout of the store, pushing the women’s merchandise closer to the entrance of the storefront to help draw more customers from a targeted client segment or reduce inventory for seasonal items. Or, you developed a marketing campaign that strengthened the store’s brand and focus on shoes that generated a 25% increase of sales in that department within 3 months.

- Inventory Control
Holding inventory that does not move, being out of stock for wanted items, or losing inventory due to theft are some of the worst things that can happen in a retail environment. So show your ability to control your inventory levels.

Did you save money by reducing inventory levels? Did you reduce out-of-stock conditions? Did you launch a theft-control program? Quantify the results of these programs to show how you are managing the product mix in the store.

- Employee management and training
Retail managers are not always at the front line of business, which is why one’s ability to apply effective employee management and training for other employees is critical for a retail store to operate successfully.

Demonstrate success in this area on your resume by indicating, for instance, how a particular training program you developed increased customer service and sales levels and improved staff retention. Perhaps you provided training to employees that helped them find different ways to encourage a shopper to buy more. If a customer is shopping for a pair of jeans, the cashier and sales employees are trained to also recommend belts that go well with the jeans, resulting in additional sales.

- Awards and Recognition
Awards and recognition for retail management are particularly common with chain stores. Highlight such recognition on your resume to support your other points.

The best indicator is how you are ranked against your peers. Perhaps your store has a track record of being the top-grossing sales store quarter after quarter or you’ve been named “Store Manager of the Year.” These types of highlights on your resume will help demonstrate to employers your effectiveness and success in retail management.

When detailing successes and accomplishments on your resume, always incorporate information to give perspective on the relevance of your experience to the job applied for. Detail the size of the store, number of employees and departments involved to retail management. What type of customer base did you handle?

Pull all the right information together and you will have a very compelling resume.

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