Key ideas to start a salesforce consulting business

To run a business on any scale is not a kid’s game. It requires a lot of money, and most importantly it takes time to enhance and take its graph in an upward direction. Time is an important character here. In addition to it, marketing strategies which can strengthen and boost sales, plus advance the revenue are the absolute concern.

Nowadays, organizations are in search of that ideal tool which will help in making their business a success. Also, it will help in the generation of leads in addition to turning the potential prospects into their customers.

The CRM of Salesforce is that particular tool which keeps its eyes focused on this matter.

Business Journey circulates three Ps:

1. Providing: To develop the top-notch methods for every possible thing

2. Perseverance: Your patience level has to be a lot higher, as things take time to turn into a success!

3. Product: The effectiveness and quality of the product matter when you’re selling anything

What do you mean by Salesforce and for what it’s used?

Salesforce refers to the company which backs successful and leading cloud-based CRM which empowers
organizations to bring about the 360-degree look of their respective customers. Briefly, CRM of salesforce acknowledges organizations to manage important and all information about their prospects, customers, and their partners in one single place.

As time is flying rapidly, the CRM applications of Salesforce have evolved into number 1 platform for CRM solutions with over 100,000 companies of different sizes are using them. One of the prime reasons considering its popularity is its ease to use environment - easily you can integrate with the pre-existing systems of back-office along with building new customer apps.

To become a salesforce consultant, Salesforce is advantageous in following departments of the organization:

λ Marketing: this area keeps the record of different marketing & its conclusion.

λ Application Integration: incorporate with other organizations to use the AppExchange for increasing and strengthening its functionality.

λ Management: This part of marketing gives you a clarified picture of what is happening with salesforce dashboards and detailed features of reporting

λ Customer Support – This section keeps a record of the issues of the customer and boost better levels of customer satisfaction.

What are the alternative reasons which make Salesforce consultants so in demand?

Considering its fame, Salesforce can advertise the following features:

λ Salesforce is one of the most former solutions of CRM software which is cloud-based

λ It has a powerful and important experience to deal with the problems that are faced by the company's customers.

λ Salesforce has modernized, matured, strengthened, and enlarged its products with each passing year.

λ The CRM of Salesforce can rapidly increase sales plus can enhance customer retention.

λ The tool is extremely accessible and flexible from anywhere around the world and from any possible device.

λ Salesforce is profitable for enterprises.

Now, how and why you want to become a Salesforce Consultant?

Want to become a Salesforce Consultant, who are those?

Salesforce Consultant role is a combined one. They are supposed to play these specific roles, however, not all the roles at the same time.

λ Developer

λ Technical/Solutions Architect

λ Fundamentally, one with outstanding experience in the field of CRM

λ Administrator

What an employer looks in a Salesforce Consultant?

Usually, a ‘Consultant’ is that position which is achieved after so much experience in the assigned field. Taking aside the aspect of a bunch of years, let us look at the expected skills from the Salesforce Consultant.
A few of the skills anticipated by the employers are:

λ Skilled experience in an environment of Salesforce Development such as S-Controls, Force, Apex, API, AJAX Toolkit, etc.
λ A skillful understanding of Configuration and Integration

λ At some job sites, Salesforce requires at least three of experience

λ Any certification in Salesforce

λ Should have good knowledge of the applications of Salesforce, cloud, and enterprise architecture.

λ Should have experience in prominent Solution discussions accompanying the technical architect

λ CRM experience

λ Excellent listening skills

λ Should understand the functional requirements

λ Offer functional and technical proficiency to the team

λ Can develop application-specific or business-specific, or project level plans and approaches for training, testing,
rolling out, communicating, and offering support of post-production.

λ Should have experience in the implementation of complete project lifecycles regarding Salesforce.

λ Should be capable enough to efficiently design a scalable solution to meet the business needs of clients.

λ Have experience in operating an impact analysis for probable changes within scope.

As per Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in, the recruiters/employers are required to focus on
below-mentioned concerns when you’re in search of a Salesforce Consultant:

λ So, in total, how many projects you have completed or delivered.

λ What number of projects you have completed & how different they are?

λ Is there any experience you are having in the employer’s field?

λ Are you having good references?

Keep in mind that you prepare very-well with these questions. This is the highlighting point you stand unique from others on the basis of your expertise.

Now comes the big question, what are the possible ways to become a Salesforce Consultant?

Following are the steps to become a Salesforce Consultant:

1. Carefully glance at every job posting in the job portals. This will inform you about what all skills are currently in demand

2. Modify your profile to meet the in-demand & desired skills which are required in the Salesforce Consultant.

3. Make connections with people on the online associations which are appropriate for a job profile. This results in
important inputs from the expertise of people.

4. Recieve right certifications
Now, look at the details of various certifications which are needed to become a Salesforce Consultant

List of certifications to become a Salesforce Consultant:

Today, the best of the best knowledge is a huge demand for Salesforce. Salesforce Certifications are recognized by the industries and they are proof of your expertise and skill in Salesforce. There are different types and levels of qualifications and they are:

λ Advanced Salesforce Developer Certification
λ Certificate in the field of Salesforce Developer
λ Salesforce Administrator Certification
λ Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant Certification
λ Technical Architects
λ Consultant as Sales Cloud in Salesforce Certification
Is certification in Salesforce is worth investing your time in?
Yes, of course, they are! Certifications make a huge difference in the career of Salesforce, as:
λ Cutthroat Competition: Employers or Recruiters give more preference to certified candidates as compared to the non-certified ones
λ More Money: Certified professionals in Salesforce earn more than others.
λ Better Career Graph: Certifications in salesforce offers you an amazing benefit in your career; gives you a bulk of great opportunities to give the evidence of your skills
λ Personal achievement – One can prove the world the expertise of his/her level in Salesforce
λ Become proficient in Salesforce: Best knowledge is achieved when you prepare for the exam of certification.


Salesforce is discovering thousands of job opportunities plus it seems to have an awesome career option when talking of the long-run. With the right, apt skills, and certification, you can too become an outstanding Salesforce Consultant!

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