In the last decade, vintage has gained popularity in every creative space: art pieces, photography, clothes, or interior design. 

It has become a trend in interior design because vintage interior elements blend perfectly with the modern minimalistic theory. 

Merely uttering the word vintage will have you driving back to the era of the 1940s, where houses were all about being luxurious yet elegant. 


Vintage interior design is all about luxurious fabrics, focus on minute details, surprising combinations, and large ornaments. 

A vintage room does not mean that it can't have anything modern. It can have everyday things as long as the vintage foundation is maintained. 

Here are the foundation elements of vintage design 

  • Furniture pieces 

A single piece of furniture from that era can be enough to give your room a vintage feel. The 1940 and 50s furniture pieces have details that speak volumes about the expert craftsmen of that era. That one intricate furniture piece will be the show stopper of your room's interior design; hence select one carefully. 


  • Tiles 

Vintage tiles had a specific design on them, which has been beautifully recreated in modern tiles. They would perfect to set the feel of the room. However, if you feel that they're not enough, you can use reclaimed tiles – though they might be an expensive option! 


  • Light, chalky, and jewel-toned shades 

The houses of that era had exciting color combinations that would surprise you as soon as you enter the room. To add an old-age feel to your room, you can play around with light-toned colors. Light colors will add a touch of elegance and charm to the room. 


  • Touch of feminine elements 

In the 90s era, the women took the decisions; hence, there was an individual feminine feel to every room. You can recreate that by choosing things that represent give off a soft feel. 


  • Luxurious fabrics 

The houses of the 40's era were all about elites spending their money to live comfortably. To add that same luxurious element to your room, choose fabrics that jump out and are slightly on the shiny side.  Your curtains can be light, and your sofa fabric can be dark. It is in these things you can play around to show your creativity


A vintage design can quickly become suffocating; hence, you must carefully choose the amount of vintage in the room.  






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