An athlete must be strong both physically and mentally to perform at his best. Sports in today’s world demand a lot as the amount of games played over the year has increased drastically. It is not just about becoming fit; it is also about sustaining that fitness over a long period of time. However as beginners you need not be that physically strong, but you ought to work towards becoming physically strong. Nonetheless mental strength and the will to succeed is something that every aspiring athlete should have when they begin their journey as sportsman.

Carrying out physical exercises to strengthen you on a regular basis is pretty critical. Kettle bells are one of the equipments you should work with in order to increase your fitness levels. It is an incredible tool to improve strength as well as reduce fat. They are similar to cannonballs with a handle at the top. They come in weights as low as 5lbs and you can get weights up to 105lbs. They are simple to use and requires proper practice with at most proper technique to avoid injuries and get all the benefits that one can get from kettle bells. Thanks to their benefits kettle bells workouts have become very popular among many users and fitness regimes.


There are two basic exercises you can perform with Kettle bells. As a beginner just sticks to these two exercises and not try anything out of your way. Start with least amount of weight and do about 15 counts of 2 sets initially. Concentrate on the technique and muscle precisely. Build upon the number of sets as you proceed further and then try increasing the weights gradually. The SWING and the GETUPS are the two exercises I was referring to earlier. The other exercises you can perform with kettle bells are cleans, pushes and snatches.


Cardio training is quite significant for improving your strength and agilities. Irrespective of whether you work out with weights or not, cardio plan should be included in all fitness routines to improve one’s fitness and strength. Kettle bells easily adapt to cardio training as well. If you don’t want to walk on thread mills for several hours try using kettle bells swings. You can perform a 20 second swing followed by a 10 second rest and another 20 second set, repeat the procedure for about half hour. It makes your cardio routines quicker and faster than usual. It is very important for you to choose the right kettle bell for your workout though. With the perfect size meant for you initially, you’ll gain incredible results within a short span of time from the time you start working out. However for good results, one should stick to the task and have the will power to do it on a regular basis.
Do not let your ego get in the way when it comes to choosing the weight. For fair results, smaller weights with consistent workout sessions and additional repetitions are the only way.

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