I have always believed that the strength of a team is the team itself. The people within the team, between them pretty much determine the success or otherwise of the team. Each individual brings a particular strength to the team and for that matter no doubt a particular weakness.

The truly successful teams are the ones that can use these individual strengths and weaknesses and structure the team so that there is each team members abilities, compliment those of the other members of the team.

It is one thing to have all of these particular attributes.

Areas such as:




Youthful enthusiasm


But most definitely another is to have them all heading in the same direction. For as I stated earlier, a truly effective team has all of these attributes working together and complimenting each other. Once that has been done then what is it that leads to the ongoing success of a team?

Well really nothing changes the strength of the team is still the team itself. But what are the keys to keeping a good team together? Obviously the team will stay together if the individual team members within the team remain happy, challenged, involved and understanding of what the team is doing, where it is going and what needs to be done to get there.

Lets take a quick snapshot view of some of the key elements needed to keep a team together.


I believe this to be the cornerstone of any successful team.The development, understanding and commitment to a strong culture will provide a consistency in stability within the team. It will keep the great people within the team wanting
to remain part of something special. It will also have a direct role to play in the level of success attained both individually and collectively.

Clearly understood goals and direction will go along way to keeping the team and the individuals within it focussed and committed to the cause. It is always beneficial whenever and wherever possible to involve the team members in developing,
implementing and refining the goals they are going to be asked to pursue.


"The winning is in the picking." The better selection of people, the better the entire journey of success will be. Once selected though you, use the team, the culture and the goals to make great people even better.


Regardless of how successful people are they still need direction and leadership in some way. The great leaders have their own personal philosophy of leadership, but more importantly they know how to adapt that to the individual and the team they are working with at that time.


There will be many benefits associated with being part and wanting to remain a part of a successful team. It is without doubt that as individuals we all have our own specific wants and needs. Although a great team will not fulfill all of those wants and needs it will provide benefits that are probably not available anywhere other than within this team.


We could outline any number of opportunities and they would without doubt play a role in keeping a great team together. How does this relate to your team? Well it is the point of difference that will keep them with you and not have them looking to go elsewhere.

Is there the opportunity to learn more?

Is the to gain experience within this team greater?

Is there better opportunities to be successful?

Is there better opportunity to grow personally and professionally?

Now the areas I have outlined above are by no means a complete list. However they are five key areas that I believe can and will have a great impact on keeping a strong team together.

It is the ability to combine everything the team has to offer, individually that make a strong team. It is then the ability to allow the team to develop the type of areas we have outlined today that will keep them together
The learning, the understanding and the ability to move forward are all part of the evolution of a great team. The challenges to do this will be there on a daily basis. Enjoy the challenge!

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