COVID-19 is difficult us to change, but we stick to our objectives and routines via remote work.

We are a team of 100+ developers, programmers, engineers, coders, consultants, and architects who know Scrum & Kanban, understand the value of sprints, and are well-versed with Agile methodologies for software development. The resources can be outsourced as an extension of your team.

Our staff augmentation model is 100% tried and tested, which allows you to access multi-skilled, extremely performant, and skilled resources at your convenience. You can simply scale up/down the sources as per your evolving project needs.

The largest tech corporations, like Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, and Google, have applied work from home policies to stop the outspread of the novel COVID-19. Whether it’s the prevention of pandemic, overurbanization, or event preparation, the information is getting flooded with remote work practices lately.

You could be a kind of IT Enterprise employers that allow their employees to decide on their working preferences, locations, and timings. And sure, why not. Your employees are your most precious resources, and their safety is of utmost importance for you. But in such crucial times, it is hard for them to WFH (work from home). So why not attempt to outsource?

How are we Practicing working from home and Ensuring Continuous productivity During Covid-19 Outbreak?

For all our functioning departments, we’ve facilitated all the hardware as nicely as software to help them keep protected at home and more productive like always. To fulfill the commitments, to make sure continued productivity and to perform project deliverables on-time we’re working in the direction of common objectives;

  • High-quality services
  • On-time delivery with 100% accuracy
  • And “client satisfaction” as our highest priority

These are the issues that make Amrsen Solutions a Trusted Outsourcing Partner

How can we assist you to run your enterprise as clean as earlier?

  • Our IT specialists have configured as nicely as taken care of all the security measures to maximise the security of extremely sensitive business data for future consideration.

For smooth Communication: –

  • Google Hangout
  • Skype
  • Slack

For Time Management

  • Hubstaff

Code management

  • GitHub

Project Management

  • Jira

Amrsen Solutions has taken care of everything to maintain our staff protected and as productive as ever, so your enterprise doesn’t undergo whenever you outsource your venture to us.

What is IT Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is an settlement the place an organization hires another company for its planned or existing activities. Outsourcing is usually prevalent in IT companies, where tasks like web development, social media administration, IT support, and so on. are outsourced to a distinct company. Outsourcing allows the company to devote more time to revenue-generating tasks.

A enterprise entrepreneur like you’ll have to contemplate tons of things before selecting between an outsourced company or remote staffing. You must strategize correctly before taking the call.

Before outsourcing a process to an outsourcing company, you have to think about the next issues, and if all of them are favorable for your firm, then you must outsource it:

  • If the duty is a major service of your company or a benefit for your enterprise offering
  • If outsourcing the duty will spare you more time to develop your core enterprise or product
  • If an outsourcing skilled can accomplish the duty extra effectively as in comparison with your staff
  • If it’s a rare-task or a one-time factor

Lee Kuan Yew, the previous president of Singapore, mentioned: “If you deprive yourself of outsourcing and your competitors do not, you’re putting yourself out of business.”

Advantages of Outsourcing your IT project

Cost-effectiveness: As you outsource your IT services to an company located on the opposite aspect of the world that has a decrease manufacturing price, you’ll be able to relish vital cost-savings. You should pay decrease salaries to your employed workers and incur lower operational and infrastructure costs.

Diverse Talent: Hiring an outsourcing company lets you get access to skilled professionals that will not be available in your location.

Save Lots of Time: You will save the time and resources used for advertising, interviewing, hiring, and training in-house employees as you partner with an outsourcing company.

Upscaling: Working with an skilled outsourcing company will leverage you the benefit of upscaling your work, revenue, and profit.

Uninterrupted Workflow: As you outsource your work to an agency in a different time-zone than yours, you get the benefit of working round-the-clock with your in-house employees and hired an offshore team.

Sometimes, you might be in the middle of a big project, and you need some more developers only for the time being of the project. In that case, you can depend on an outsourcing methodology recognized as Staff Augmentation.

Tried and Tested Team Augmentation Model

If you might be searching for an prolonged arm to reinforce your present team of developers as per the evolving project needs, then we might be your one-stop solution. Whether you need to hire a single developer or planning to arrange a cross-functional dynamic staff — our Team Augmentation model is versatile sufficient to meet your distinctive enterprise requirements. With us, you can outsource developers at your convenience.

We let you conduct as many interviews as you want earlier than you hire a developer of your selection. Once you give the nod, our developers will begin working as your dedicated resource. You have all of the rights to manage the resource directly, while we maintain developer retention, administrative help as well as infrastructure. In case if you want, we may also assign you, one dedicated Project manager, to transfer all knowledge for simple and smooth operations. We sign Non Discloser Agreement to make sure your concept and project both are safe and secure with us.

Top 7 advantages IT Staff Augmentation Model

Your team will get what it wants by IT Staff augmentation. You attain below-mentioned advantages by adapting seasoned developers into your present staff:

  1. Hire on the go
  2. Access to the bigger expertise pool
  3. Cost-effective, aggressive benefit
  4. Operational effectivity
  5. Expansion & adaption
  6. Access to new & modern opinions
  7. Sustainable management
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