The game is becoming more and more popular, and the game live broadcast industry is developing rapidly. In recent years, as game live broadcasts continue to heat up globally, many players or fans watch the game process through well-known platforms Twitch, YouTube and Facebook, and conduct simple interactions in chat rooms.

In 2019, Amazon’s subsidiary Twitch game live streaming watched a lot of growth, with a total watch time of over 9 billion hours, a 20% increase compared to 2018. In contrast, the total viewing hours of live content of YouTube games are about 2 billion hours, while Facebook is only 350 million hours.

Although Twitch is still the dominant player in the game live streaming industry, it also faces fierce competition from other platforms-Facebook game live broadcasts grew by more than 200% compared to 2018, and the ratings of Microsoft's game live broadcast platform Mixer surged 149%, while YouTube's ratings were only 16%.

The cake is getting bigger and bigger, and everyone wants to get a share. Under such a situation, why can Twitch firmly grasp the position of the game dominance, so that it is hard to beat its competitors in the game live broadcast industry?

Why is Twitch still the king of game video streaming?

To win the support of the millennial generation, companies such as Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and other companies have spent millions of dollars on video game streaming media and launched a direct competition with Amazon Twitch.

Microsoft paid millions of dollars to attract top video game streaming anchors; Facebook signed an exclusive streaming agreement with the world's largest e-sports company; on Twitch, 1.7 million people are watching the official video stream or popular creation of "Fortnite" Video stream of the person.

Although these technology giants are striving to gain market share in the game video streaming field, none of them has weakened the influence of the market leader Twitch.

In 2014, Amazon spent $1 billion to acquire Twitch, which currently controls 76% of the video game streaming market in the Americas and Europe. Its popularity has attracted countless competitors. After all, all the technology giants are striving to pursue the attention of younger "wire-pinchers".

The competition between technology giants and media companies also shows the importance of live broadcasting in the $180 billion video game industry, which generates more revenue than movies and music. But in this era when platforms dominate the entire industry, challenging Twitch has proven difficult.
The head anchor left one after another. Some people say that Twitch is facing a decline, and the number one game video streaming media is not guaranteed? In fact, it is not. Twitch is still the boss in terms of views and fans.

Perhaps the most attractive part of Twitch is the large number of young audiences that are difficult to reach by other media. According to the report, most of its user base is male, accounting for 81.5%; 55% of users are between 18-34 years old. Not only that, but Twitch also has unique interactive features. During the live broadcast, the audience can not only chat with the anchor but also with each other. Therefore, the fan base built around popular anchors and channels has a strong stickiness. And these are far behind other technology giants that have just entered the field of game video streaming.

Twitch has achieved great success in the field of game streaming. In the future, it will try to fit with electronic games as much as possible, allowing publishers, developers and players to further utilize it. You can visit this website to buy twitch followers and gain success quickly. It can be seen that other technology companies still have a long way to go if they want to catch up with a dominant Twitch.

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