These organisations have invested resources in acquiring the finest of profitable assets - the employees. They also have a plan in place that supports the maintenance of those assets.

One way to maintain high Emotional Intelligence for employees is to train Human Resource (HR) Managers and other proper staff in Cognitive Behavioural Coaching (CBC). Cognitive Behavioural Coaching is the practice of thinking about beliefs and considering how they relate to and influence actions. Cognitive Behavioural Coaching encourages Emotional Intelligence because it assistants the deep self-awareness obligatory to achieve it.

Employees with a high Emotional Intelligence are self-monitor who are able to recognize, understand, accept and control emotions. Therefore, they are able to analyse and adjust actions in dealings with colleagues which in turn create positive work environments. Workers with high levels of EI are producers who whole projects with great success because of their ability to approach tasks from a whole point of view - mental, emotional and physical. Thus it is in the best attention of any business that employs such persons to take the necessary steps to uphold their EI as well as work services.

Everyone has a work and a expert life, and one of the many benefits of CBC is that when a person learns to classify and scrutinize their thoughts at work, they will also use this skill at home. It is not uncommon that a person is capable at work because that is where they participate most of who they are and to the disadvantage of personal relationships. The magic of practicing Cognitive Behavioural Coaching in chance with emotional intelligence is that the entire person is being constructed.

Rashmi datt is an award winning business psychologist coach, trainer, researcher and author. Drawing on her investigation and expertise in the field of emotional intelligence training, accreditations, training and development led Rashmi datt to explore healthier, psychologically investigated and evidenced based forms of coaching. Coaching that would provide a coach or client with the tools and techniques in which to build true emotionally intelligent behaviours.

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Michael Braganza is an amateur writer focusing primarily on Business related topics. For more information emotional intelligence and work stress.