Our home is where we spend most of our lives. At home we sleep, eat, watch TV, meat with friends. That’s why we want this place to be always comfortable for us and our family members.
Of course we want this place to be comfortable for us in every respect. There exist several attributes of a healthy indoor environment, and you are supposed to bear in mind each one of them if you wish to provide a proper environment for you and your familymembers. If you are regularly washing your house, it is important, but anyway it’s not enough for maintaininga healthy indoor environment. There are many different aspects that you have to keep in mind, or they might create really undesired effects.
A perfect home is: organized, clean, no pests, well-ventilated, dry, free of toxins. These features are really important and become crucial for your health.
Tidy. This feature is quite obvious. You can't speak of a safe environment in a dirty house. Keeping your house tidy and organized. Yes, organization is also very important, especially for mental health. Most often frustration, anxiety and other mental problem sufferers live in badly organized homes.
Driness. Excess Moisture creates good conditions for mold growing and spreading, which ruins not only your house, but your body as well. Mold spores can create severe allergic breakouts, asthma attacks and other diseases. Besides, moist materials are perfect for the spread of bacteria and insects.
No insects. lice, dust mites and other home pests may spread dangerous illnesses, cause allergies, skin conditions, ruin human defence system. This is why regular pest control is very crucial in creating a healthy home.
Ventilation. Multiple researches show, room air in some modern houses may become much more polluted than outdoor air even in most populated cities. Excess Carbon dioxide, dust, germs, human and animal dander and hair dead cells, evaporations from furniture surface, emitted toxins, smoke - all this creates an awful cocktail that is really not good to breathe with. But the problem is that we are all so accustomed to it that we don't even notice that. This is why it's important to make sure that you breathe clean air at your room: always ventilate every room, especially bedrooms, purchase a quality air purifier.
Toxin free. Now, toxic emissions are on every our step. Poisonous chemicals are in the air we breathe, water, cleaning products, carpets, clothes. But we have to make sure that our house is is not poisonous. Remembering this, consumers have to choose quality, natural materials for building your house, don't use too much detergents or even learn to make homemade not toxic purifying solutions, avoid purchasing rubber cloths, buy natural personal care products, cut out use of artificial fabrics, especially for your bed linen. In your diet, prefer natural products, avoid fast foods, drink filtered water.

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