Almost every house in the country will contain a photo book on one of its bookshelves, or even left casually on a coffee table to impress visitors. These are usually expensive, glossily produced collections of professional photographs representing the work of a particular artist, or beautiful images of a certain part of the world. More and more, however, people are taking things into their own hands and producing personalised photo books.

Virtually every family now owns at least one digital camera, and the ease with which digital photographs can be taken means that the same families will have amassed vast collections of pictures over the years. Every holiday, every family event, even simple day trips out will have been documented in great and colourful detail and, while this is clearly a good thing, it does produce a problem in terms of saving and accessing all of these images.

The thing which has to be remembered is that a photograph is more than just a picture, it is a memory, a moment in time captured forever to be brought out and enjoyed over and over again. Who hasn’t whiled away a few happy hours going through the family photo tin, marvelling at how tiny their grown up children once were, how ridiculous the fashions of the day appear now, how many happy times they’ve all had together. That’s how precious these pictures are, and that’s why they need to be looked after properly.

The very ease with which we can now take and save digital photos means that we can sometimes develop a casual attitude towards looking after them. Some are on the camera itself, some on a memory stick, yet more scattered around various parts of your home computer, and when you feel like you might want to look at them you face the incredibly tough task of even tracking them down to begin with.

Personalised photo books offer an elegant and stylish solution to this problem which allows you to collect your chosen images in one volume produced to the highest possible standards. Whether you want to put a varied collection of photos into one volume, or produce something with a thematic thread running through it is entirely up to you, but amongst the events which are most obviously suitable for commemoration in a photo book are the following:

Wedding – every wedding produces hundreds of images, so why not gather up all of those not captured by the official photographer in a book which will tell the true story of your special day?

Holiday – digital photography means that virtually every single moment of a holiday can be captured, so why not put the best together in an album which can be brought out to cheer you up on those long, cold winter evenings?
Baby - our pictures of our children are amongst the most precious which any of us own and a book which tells the story of a baby’s first year through a collection of delightful images will quickly become established as one of
the favourite books on your shelves.

The possibilities are virtually limitless, as are the options available. Every aspect of the book can be altered and tweaked to meet your every need. The size and shape of the book, the cover, the layout of each individual page, whether it’s a hard or a soft back book and whether you choose to add text and captions to the images. The only ‘work’ involved in producing photo books lies in uploading the images you wish to use and then utilising the software involved to design the look and layout of your pages.

Absolutely no experience is required, and at the end of the process you’ll be sent a book produced to professional standards which will be yours to treasure for years to come.
Your photos are precious records of some of the happiest times in your life, and should be treated with the care and respect they deserve.

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