With an array of bustling and luxurious shops located beneath sides of the road, you might have the experience of numbly going through them and losing yourself finally, do you think it is what life is? Or do you believe that you are supposed to find something by experiencing the low spirits brought by those luxuries you cannot afford? Yes, definitely, you can find the balance to deal with huge contrast between ideal and reality, for life is not supposed to mechanically duplicate the murmuring and losing steps we dragged on roads. Yes, definitely, you can get the point to keep balance between life and your sensible heart, which is how life should be, how we treat life. Do not grave any more, go and find how to get the balancing point right now.
Then the how-to issue became the main point we are going to talk about.
1. Stop complaining and make a change
Are you still annoyed by your current situation - girls you are without delicate skin, not tall and slim, not that charming and boys you are not handsome, not rich, not that gentle? While, do not pay too much attention about those things, what you need most is healthy body and optimistic attitude toward life. Stop complaining about what you are not that in favor of, go and like them! Take my own case for example, once upon a time I spent too much time on hating things that not satisfying and ignoring the real happiness in my life, I did not satisfy with my appearance, my penniless state, my indecent life supports etc. I refused to figure out how to settle these problems, and just kept complaining until one day my mom asked me surprisingly, “why not stopping the cries of discontent all round and finding out the method that can change you from inside to outside to have a positive beginning?” I was suddenly awakened by her words and got to know the fact that I have waste too much time on trivial things, I need to change right now, and I took those ideas into action at once after the decision was made.
2. Resist and keep seeking
The second point is to resist temptation from the outside and keep seeking the inner peace. I guess you must have the experience the moment when you were shocked by the fact that life was actually so cruel, the sharp contrast between lives of the rich and the poor, the glamorous young lady actually living in alums and kids that have to cut school to support their families and so on, all those facts from the media or just happened around us can break down our heart and bring a moment of serious silence. Well, put away your grievance and discontent, what you need to do is to resist the enticement whether it is good or bad from the outside and keep seeking points that can bring your life pieces of peace. I said like this isn’t to ask you to keep silent for life you have been stepped in, but to leave some trace of fine imagination for awful situations, and prepare for danger in times of peace, that’s how we should treat our lives.
3. Enjoy the moment and see the bright side of your life
Live with a grateful heart and have a pair of eyes that can seek and find beauty. There were always events touching our deep bandaged nerve and relaxing us from complicated ways of the world, what we need to do is to find them, and then enjoy them. I had always been in the mindset that those luxurious jewelry brands would just serve for the upper class, the rich, and the celebrities and so on until the moment I was into fashion industry due to the needs of my job; I realized that my previous ideas were so narrowed, they do much benefit for the public as well. The most impressive case is that the top jewelry brand Bulgari had achieved its promise of donating more than 2000 $ for the association “Save the Children”, which was the evidence that things have their bright sides, and there are still other ideas that can impress us in a large degree. Life has borrowed us a pair of beautiful eyes, why not taking advantage of them to find trivial but important happiness that happened around us?

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when I was trying to string those large hole beads with some jewelry wire, I am so perturbed by the crafts that I have to do every day, due to the pressure of wholesale jewelry supplies, I have to work for a long time a day, and crafts once up a time was my hobby now become a burden, I have to make some a slight adjustment to keep my life balance, this is why I wrote this article.