When it’s time for you to train your beloved, furry little friend about their boundaries, you want to know that the product you’ve purchased is going to work flawlessly and exactly the way you need it to. But you have no need to fear, after extensively analyzing dozens of different doggy fences, I’ve found out which brand of wireless invisible fence system is the product to beat.

eXtreme Dog Fence Professional Dog Containment System is the bang that is worth its buck. Easily installable and coming loaded with several necessary protection features, this package comes included with everything you and your pet will need and more.

Professional Grade Electronics

The transmitter included with this package spans over a very large range, offering up to 10 acres of coverage, and comes with a digital display for easy functioning. Also included are signs for your yard and mailbox.

Receiver Collar Features

This is where eXtreme Dog Fence went above and beyond. The collar is super comfortable, lighter than air, fully waterproof, and has a built-in low-battery indicator and a 5-level correction system. There is very little to worry about with this type of thought put into your loved one's well-being.

Surge Protector

In the very rare circumstances of a lightning strike or a power surge, the last thing you want is the extra worry. The eXtreme Dog Fence brand has thought of this problem and taken care of it, taking the efforts to make sure not only the transmitter is same from such events, but that the fence wire is equally as protected.

Easy to Install and Train

Everything and anything that you will need to set up your electric dog fence is included, but as an added bonus there is also a guide to follow that will set your beloved pet up for success when it comes time to use their new fence. Click here for More Details about Dog Fence.

Are you still on the fence? eXtreme Dog Fence has spent years crafting and researching the perfect invisible dog fence system and focused on creating its quality. With everything included in the set, you are saving money when comparing to other sets that will not come with everything I have described here. From an easy setup to the quality of the material that is used, even to the warranty, you will have on the surge protector, there is very little that is negative to say about this product.

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