One of the main reasons for buying a new car (aside from the practical need, of course) is that it is something shiny and new that you can show off to your jealous friends, family and neighbours. There’s nothing better
than seeing passers-by turn their heads as you cruise by in your new investment. But this is often short-lived as there is always the unfortunate inevitability that the shine will fade and the paint colour will deteriorate, isn’t there?

Well not anymore! There are a variety of car paint
protection products out there which can help your car to maintain that bright colour and the ultimate showroom shine. Supagard is the most popular brand of its kind. As the UK’s best-selling car paint protection treatment, you can have confidence in the knowledge that Supagard has been trusted by thousands of people and that your car will receive the best protection possible.

Supagard products are suitable for all cars, used or new and incidentally, come with a three year warranty. If it is used and starting to look worn, by applying Supagard to your car’s exterior, you will immediately be giving it an amazing gloss that will last for a long time. If on the other hand, your car is new, by applying Supagard to the exterior of your car, you will be maintaining the showroom shine, whilst ultimately making your car easier to clean in the long run. Indeed after Supagard has been applied to your car, when water makes contact with it during the cleaning process, you will often find that the water simply turns into beads and runs off easily.

Supagard also offer products to help keep the interior of your car looking pristine. This can often be more important than the exterior, especially if you have any young children or a dog. Everyday comings and goings can often
damage the inside of your car; drinks can be spilled, mud may get transferred onto the seats or carpets. Supagard have a range of products that can help to reduce the permanent marks or stains of everyday wear and tear. They can gently remove these stains from your car’s carpets and cloth upholstery by penetrating deep into material fibres and then lift the stains to the surface, making it easier for you to then remove even the most stubborn of stains.

Another aspect of your car that Supagard protection offers to maintain is your alloy wheels. Applying Supagard to your wheel protectors allows them to stay strong and maintain that brilliant shine for longer.

Sometimes though, applying these types of products can appear to be time consuming and a hassle. Maybe you’ve been put off in the past by other brands where the instructions were just far too complicated to follow.

However, there is no need to worry about this with Supagard. There are business available that can provide you with the advice you require as they specialise in Supagard. Alternatively, to take the hassle away from you completely, these businesses can also offer you services where they send fully trained technicians to visit your premises and apply the products themselves. At least this way, you can ensure that the products are being applied in the correct manner and that you car is therefore receiving the best protection possible.

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