Living in a capitalist era, the booming business world requires experts in different fields more than ever. One such area is 'data science'. People are opting for a variety of courses to get jobs that are in demand. You should be aware of such demands and build your skills accordingly.

What is data science?

The business world cannot survive without numbers. This is where data science comes into play. Data science is the practice of collecting data and their analysis to understand the working phenomena of its application. It uses algorithms, scientific methods, processes and many other aspects of mathematics to keep a company functioning with accurate numbers.

What are some career options after doing Masters in data science or upgrad data science review?

Data science is not limited to only one area or designation in a world where numbers speak. If you have the right skills and mind you can make so much more out of it. You can check out Upgrad Data Science Review in order to get the best advice in data science.
Following are some careers that you can pursue in data science:

1.Business Intelligence

Enterprises use BI for the data analysis of business information. It aims to predict future possibilities from current and history data. It requires skills to make complex data easy to understand and read in order to create more opportunities.

2.Data Architecture

Any practitioner of data architecture aims at designing, creating, analysing implying the data of a company to create its working structure in a way as to make it most efficient. It lays down the groundwork for the data usage by the company.

3.Data Scientist

People involved in this area deal with large complex numbers to find patterns to analyse the performance of the company.


Remember the statistics you once learned in your mathematics class? This career is an extension of that and the job of a statistician is to formulate business formulas for the company.

Similarly, there are many more fields to explore in the world of data science.

Remember that success in any field depends on your own skills and knowledge. So if numbers are your thing, one of these careers could be yours.

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Data science is not limited to only one area or designation in a world where numbers speak.