Learning never stops be it eating out or the methods involving fine dining. We humans are prone to making mistakes, but when it comes to dining we must not make blunders here as it spoils our dining experience. A lot of people love to eat Thai food but many are unaware of the fact that they might be eating it in the wrong manner!

There are a lot of Thai food restaurant in Mornington that offer quality meals and at affordable rates. Not all cuisines can be eaten in the same manner neither in the same kind of utensils, so in order to have the best experience of Thai food we must learn to eat it correctly. This article helps to highlight the common blunders that we must keep at bay to enjoy Thai food.

  • Chop sticks are not meant for the Thai cuisine but are kept in majority Thai food restaurants as many people, particularly the Americans ask for them. Similarly if you visit Bangkok, you will be surprised to see as the Thai restaurants over there do not keep chopsticks! Thai food can be best relished by having them with fork and spoon as typical dishes that are Chinese in origin call in for chopsticks. Thai food comprises of rice, so using a spoon and fork is way easier than using chopsticks to struggle to eat those rice grains.
  • The palette of each of us is different. Like some like 2 spoons of sugar in their tea or coffee while others prefer just one, likewise same happens will chilly. Many are fond of having spicy food while others prefer optimum spiciness. So people think of blow-head spicy meal when they think of Thai food, but it is not so. Not all kinds of Thai food are spicy. In fact many traditional Thai food do not have any heat, say for example kao mun gai (chicken and rice). It is important for people to know that Thai food is all about balancing of the 4 kinds of flavors such as the sweet, sour, spicy and salty. 
  • Thai food cuisine offers you several varieties starting from the street food to the main meal course, they have it all. It is incorrect to think that all Thai foods are street food. They have various varieties of soup, rice combos and even appetizers. Their top secret recipes usually include rice, chicken, salted egg yolk and several combos of fruits and vegetables along with meat.
  • There is a lot of difference between American Thai food restaurants and traditional Thai food restaurants. People tend to order the same thing everywhere they go. Particularly in Thailand which is divided into 4 distinct areas such as north, central, south and northeast. Each region has its own specially curetted dishes.

People love Thai cuisine so much that they look out for Thai food in Mornington in almost every restaurant. Thai food has immense health benefits and is loaded with goodness. So the next times you order Thai food make sure to keep the above blunders at par so that you can enjoy the meal to the fullest!

Author's Bio: 

The author has been serving Thai food to the customers since few years. The author helps the readers to avoid the common mistakes while consuming Thai food.