Set your goals and keep on moving toward them. Take time from your busy schedule and go for a walk, take the stairs instead of the elevator. Watch less tv and enjoy the wii.
You can bowl or learn new dance steps from your wii.
Eat more than less, you have to eat in proportions and a little something from every food group. You can lose weight by eating more each day of fruits and vegetables. With just a small portion of protein the size of your fist.
30 minutes of walking a day and healthy eating is all you need to stay fit. Go for walks with your family and play ball with your child or spouse. Get up and get active.
Keep on learning new healthy recipes and ways to keep active. If your childs over weight, let them help out more at home with chores and unpacking grocery bags, it will help them be independant and lose more calories.
Good luck and God bless.

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