Have you ever noticed, usually first thing in the morning, you get out of bed and raise your arms and do a deep meaningful stretch and then you feel it..the twinge in the muscles.

That is because your muscles aren’t ready for that sort of exercise, they aren’t awake yet, they are cold and like a cold elastic band they have no elasticity and are prone do damage if stretched.
You need to warm up the muscles before you do any, stretches, workouts, or strenuous work.

I used to suffer from back problems; this could be brought on by, a sneeze, a cough a sudden movement, this would happen 5 or 6 times a year, sometimes debilitating.

My physiotherapist started me on a regime of core exercises and ham string stretches and surprises surprise, using a heat pack to warm up the muscles, this was so funny as we have been selling these for 11 years and never applied the product to my specific problem lol.

This was 6 years ago and my back is now strong and muscles have never pulled, I do my exercises every day 3 minutes maximum, for those who have had back problems 3 minutes is a small price to pay for a week or so of agony and sometimes no work.

As I said I had the answer under my nose all the time but never applied it.
The Warm Buddy heat packs form a part of my exercise routine, I will take my Sports Therapy wrap put it in the microwave for 3 minutes and then apply it to my back and rib cage area for 10 minutes and then do my core exercises, my muscles are more supple and of course less likely to be injured.

For those of you who say they are fit and don’t need this type of preventative measures. You may be fit for types of work and routines you do on a regular basis, your muscles have a memory and know what there limits are. Now it is summer and you introduce gardening, building the back yard deck, tennis, golf.

These are all new and strange routines for your muscles, so whilst you may be fit you need to prep your muscles for these new activities, so this is where core exercises along with our heat packs come in to use.

Don’t forget to use your heat packs to keep cool this summer. Placing the heat pack in the freezer (in a freezer bag to stop it from attracting any other odors in the freezer) for a couple of hours and this will then keep you nice and cool, maybe have a second heat pack that you can then rotate the packs once one starts to get warm.

We hope this helps you have a warm and safe summer

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Peter owns Wildflowers Aromatherapy who sells locally made heat packs and heat wraps for back pain and stress relief.
His on line business operates from Vancouver Canada and ships his products world wide