If you are interested in promoting your AIM business, but find it a little overwhelming or intimidating with all the products AIM has to offer, then this article is for you. Rather than talk about the benefits of BarleyLIfe in this article, we wanted to share with you how to effectively promote only one product in your AIM business – BarleyLife.

On April 30th we had an exhibitor booth at the Erin Home & Lifestyle Show (our local home show) in which we only showcased AIM BarleyLife® (original powder). Our intention was to ‘get back to the basics’ and promote only one product (which is also our favorite product). When we first joined AIM in 1987 all we had was one green barley product and we had much success in our AIM business promoting that one product. So we thought, if it worked before, it will work again. And it sure does.

The Home & Lifestyle Show was a huge success for us. We made many sales and handed out BarleyLife postcards, datasheets, BarleyLIfe sample packs and our Follow The Green business cards to people who were curious about what we were offering and interested in bettering their health. Here are a few tips on what worked for us:

1) Start by advertising to let people know you will be at the show (or whichever venue you have chosen). We were very fortunate that the woman, who interviewed us about our Handyman Services in February for our local newspaper, noticed how healthy we look and wondered what we were doing. To make a long story short, she is now on her second jar of BarleyLife and came back for another interview about our ‘BarleyLife business’. It was great advertising for us. We also had a small ad in the section of the newspaper that was promoting the show. It didn’t cost a lot of money for the ad, and newspapers are always looking for content. You can contact your local paper to see if they would like to do an article about your ‘BarleyLife business’.

2) Once you’ve decided which venue you want to pursue, keep your exhibitor display simple. We had one of the new BarleyLife posters displayed behind us, BL postcards, BL datasheets, a couple of jars of BL for people to see the product and read the label. We also had some “Nutrition That Works” insulated grocery bags, BarleyLife and Healthy Cell Concept DVDs, and hand blenders on the table for sale. We played the BarleyLife DVD on our laptop at the show but you could also just make up a slide show with BarleyLife pictures, barley grass pictures, etc. for people to watch.

3) We advertised a ‘special show price’ for the show only and made up BarleyLife gift bags. Go to any ‘dollar store’ and buy some ‘two for a dollar’ green gift bags and some green tissue paper. We included a jar of BarleyLife, a BL datasheet, a BL postcard (with the acid/alkaline handout AIM gave us a couple of years ago attached to it), and a measuring spoon in each bag with our business card stapled to the outside of the bag. Also include their receipt in the bag. Then when people purchased a gift bag we threw in a hand blender and BarleyLife DVD. We consider doing all of this our ‘lost leader’. It was successful marketing and all the people we sold to continue to take BarleyLife.

4) We also made a point of asking if it would be all right to contact the people who purchased BarleyLife in “a week or two”. They all said yes and it set the stage for us to call them for follow up. We have found that it is detrimental to our AIM business to just call people ‘out of the blue’. By asking them ahead of time they are expecting your call and also appreciate it. Keep your follow up short and sweet. Ask how they are making out with their BL, how much are they taking, any questions they may have, how they can re-order and that sort of thing. Most people do no liked to be bugged about things so after our follow up call we have left them alone and most of them have already re-ordered.

5) When we spoke to people at the show about BarleyLife, we explained about alkalinity and how important it is for good health. Most people are unaware of this. We kept hitting on the point that disease will thrive in an acidic environment but will not survive in an alkaline one. This really helps to get the point across as to why BarleyLife is important for optimal health. Most of this information in on the BL datasheet.

We had a lot of fun that day and much success. We even had people looking for us because of the newspaper article and our ad. It didn’t cost us much money to do the show and it has been well worth the effort. There are many, many people out there that need our help and the help of the AIM products. BarleyLife and the AIM products shouldn’t be a secret.

As Rose Bird, General Manager of AIM Canada, writes in the April 2011 issue of Living Well: “The AIM Companies™ is one of the greatest secrets in the world. Imagine, twenty-nine years in the business of providing natural health products, including three key products that promote health, fight disease, and change lives for the better, and yet only a select few, a very small percentage of North America let alone the world, knows that The AIM Companies exists.” She goes on to write: “There are people out there hungry for answers, and we who are a part of AIM have some of those answers. This is a CALL TO ACTION. Check out the opportunities in your town or city: talk radio, community papers, school fairs, farmers’ markets, trade shows and segments of society that need additional health support, such as hairdressers and car mechanics. 2011 belongs to AIM. All-natural AIM BarleyLife®, AIMega® and AIM Herbal Fiberblend® can change an ailing world!”

As Rose writes, check out the opportunities in your town or city. There are always a large number of events that take place throughout summer and fall and most of these events are looking for new and exciting products and services. You’ll find that most of these venues don’t charge a lot for the space and it’s really great exposure for promoting your AIM business and BarleyLife. Contact your local Business Association, Agricultural Society, Legion, and your local newspaper to find out what’s happening in your area. The more AIM Members who are out there promoting BarleyLife and AIM, the easier it becomes for all Members. Wouldn’t it be great to hear the words “I’ve heard of that before” and “I was wondering where I could get some of that”.

It is time people learn just how easy it really is to be healthy and experience wellness and vitality. As I often say, “if people would only include BarleyLife into their daily routine, they would be amazed at the improvements in their overall health and how well they would feel. I know that I ‘Feel The Difference’ every day!”

Keep it simple with BarleyLife and you’ll be surprised at your success!

If you’d like more information about AIM BarleyLife or what we do to promote BarleyLife please feel free to contact us at www.followthegreen.com . We’d be happy to help!

Author's Bio: 

A Member of The AIM Companies for over twenty-three years, Joanne Jackson takes pride in sharing her knowledge of nutrition and the AIM products with others. As an advocate of healthy eating and proper nutrition, Joanne understands that the choices we make, and choosing them wisely, is the key to wellness. Joanne holds a certificate in Nutrition: Studies and Applications and a certificate in Natural Health Fundamentals. She is currently studying for her diploma as a Certified Holistic Nutritionist. http://www.followthegreen.com