chronic nonbacterial prostatitis is common in men. There are inflammatory symptoms because after the sclerotic lesions reach a certain hardness and area, they stimulate the glands. The long-term stimulation of the glands by the lesions will cause aseptic inflammation, also known as superficial inflammation.

This kind of inflammation cannot be improved by antibiotic treatment. There are many beneficial bacteria in the human body. After the antibiotics enter the human body, they kill all the bacteria. After the healthy bacteria are killed, they will cause flora confusion, making the subsequent treatment more difficult.

Many clinical patients have been treated with many antibiotics, and the effect is perfect in the early stage of treatment. However, after some time, there will be repeated, and some patients' symptoms are still severe. This is because many antibiotics will inhibit some symptoms after entering the body. After the treatment is stopped, the concentration of antibiotics in the body will decrease, and the inhibition of symptoms will be eliminated, which will lead to recurrence.

In addition, after many antibiotics enter the human body, it will also make the human body form drug resistance. If the bacteria are not killed, they will also have drug resistance after several generations of reproduction. Then this kind of antibiotic will be ineffective for this disease, and subsequent treatment will become more complex.

Some patients have been treated with antibiotics before. Still, the examination found that they are resistant to all the antibiotics that can kill the bacteria they are infected with within the medical treatment. They no longer know what drugs to use for treatment.

These patients were treated with multiple antibiotics, the flora was chaotic, and the checklist was full of white blood cells. It takes a long time to adjust to this situation. They also have strong drug resistance. After adjustment, there is still a long time to wait for them.

Everyone must remember not to buy drugs and use antibiotics blindly! Avoid severe irreversible consequences! For treating chronic non-bacterial prostatitis, the traditional Chinese medicine chronic nonbacterial prostatitis can effectively help patients solve discomfort symptoms.

In addition, recent studies have shown that non-bacterial prostatitis is caused by many factors (daily living habits, behavior, diet, etc.) alone or in combination. Therefore, patients also need to pay attention to these aspects.

1. Irregular sex life

Moderate and regular sexual life and regular discharge of prostate fluid can alleviate the fullness of the prostate gland, promote the continuous renewal of prostate fluid, and help the regular play of prostate function and the rehabilitation of patients with abnormal prostate function.
However, excessive sexual life tends to cause dysfunction of prostate tissue, resulting in active or passive prostate congestion. This is often the trigger factor of prostate tissue injury and prostatitis and can significantly reduce the treatment effect of patients with prostatitis.

2. Excessive drinking and eating a lot of spicy food
Spicy food is not the direct cause of prostatitis, but alcohol, chili, and other spicy food stimulate the prostate and urethra. After eating, it can cause temporary or accompanied by urination process of urethral discomfort or burning symptoms. It can induce vasodilation and edema of the prostate or reduce the resistance of the prostate.
However, some men like to drink alcohol, and some like to eat chili, and there is no high incidence of prostatitis. The key is to master the " degree " problem and follow the individualization principle for specific individuals.

3. Sitting or cycling for a long time

When people sit for a long time, blood circulation slows down, especially the blood circulation in the perineum, which can cause direct pressure on the prostate and lead to congestion of the prostate, the accumulation of local metabolites, the obstruction of the prostate gland, and the difficulty in the excretion of prostate fluid, leading to the occurrence of chronic prostatitis. Cycling, motorcycle riding, horse riding, and other cross-riding actions are the same as sitting for a long time.

4. The weather is suddenly cold or ignore keeping warm

The warm local environment can reduce the pressure in the prostate and seminal tract, relax the smooth muscle fibers, reduce the resistance of the outlet, and make the drainage of the prostate smooth. Warming can also reduce muscle tissue's contraction, improve body tissue's oxygen content, and easily restore the state of hyperemia and edema.

After getting cold, the human body is in a state of stress, which increases the pressure in the urethra, hinders the excretion of prostate fluid, and produces stasis and congestion. After getting a cold, it can also weaken the local anti-infection immunity, making infection easy to occur.

5. Urine irritation

Urine stimulation is called a chemical factor in medicine. Urine contains a variety of chemicals. When the patient's local neuroendocrine disorder causes high pressure in the posterior urethra and damage to the opening of the prostate tube, it will cause uric acid and other irritant chemicals to flow back into the prostate, causing non-bacterial prostatitis.

6. Anxiety, depression, fear

Experts found that 50% of patients with non-bacterial prostatitis had anxiety, depression, fear, pessimism, and other symptoms of excessive stress. Patients with pain and neurasthenia often exaggerate their body's unfitness for pain, and their self-conscious symptoms are often greater than the actual condition, which is called "tension prostatitis." And psychological factors are related to age. The mental burden of young patients is significantly heavier than that of older patients, which often directly affects the effect of drug treatment.

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