It is easy to start looking for a scapegoat for all the things we think we cannot do or have not done. Most of us have a difficult time facing reality so we place the blame on outside forces. Maybe that technique has worked for you in the past; but in actuality, it is a malicious tool that can only drown out the truth, which is the voice of your Inner Soul, your Higher Intelligence. If you want to reach your highest potential and manifest in your life, you cannot let your future be determined by another. Examine what you expect out of your life and do not allow others to dictate your successes. Your inner voice knows the truth about you and, in actuality; you cannot hide from it, which is why your future is in your hands.
Part of the main reason why people do not move in a forward direction to reach their highest potential for their lives much less manifest in their lives is because they begin to deliberate on all the reasons of why they cannot accomplish something. Their negativity gets in the way! Instead of remaining in a stagnant position, possibly feeling bored with your life and lacking motivation, try to think of all the reasons why you can achieve goals by using a forward-thinking path.
PRACTICE raising your expectations! To reach your highest potential and manifest in your life, it is important for you to be pro-active by remaining open-minded to new ideas or opportunities. Commit to focused goals and get prepared to set yourself up for thriving, not simply surviving. Build a support team where you can bounce off your mission, purpose or vision and then build a solid foundation around your goal.
We all experience resistance and doubt, but with the help of your Higher Self you can and will succeed. Move out of your limiting beliefs and reach for the stars because your future is in your hands!

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Joan Marie Whelan, dubbed Intuition Girl, has created an extraordinary lifestyle using her uncanning, insightful intuition abilities. Joan Marie is sought after across the world as a trusted advisor, coach, and lifestyle design expert. Her teachings have been called, "inspirational," "unbelievably insightful," "the ultimate guide," and rave reviews continue to come in. Joan Marie is truly enjoying her journey and the extraordinary lifestyle she's desired and deserved... The Joan Marie team believes in your abilities to create the extraordinary lifestyle you deserve. Do you believe?