Social networking online is booming. By joining on these sites, you are widening your connections as well as you get to know more and more people around the world. You get in touch to different people from different places that you have known from these social media. Others use this as a way to get friends while others use this as a tool to look for a potential mate.

But the question here is that, is it safe to do it here on the internet? If not, how do we keep safe? Internet has many functions that almost all of us use, from surfing the net that allows us to gather some information around the world as well as it also educates us in some way without the need to go to a library to read or to be in a classroom to study.

Actually, we are using the internet almost daily in our lives such as checking the email, cd burning and communicating to our loved ones through an instant messenger. It’s hard for us to avoid internet since for we are now computer operated. But like other things, it has its drawbacks that we need to be aware to keep safe.

Most teenagers are now into Myspace, Facebook and Twitter to which are the most popular social media today. On these sites, you are able to add more people in your profile through your friends that are already on your list. You could also put your picture and have a thorough description of yourself.

This allows other persons to know you even without meeting you personally. Others could access you by connecting through your friends. Keep safe for giving personal information such as your private numbers. A study in Pediatrics revealed that social networking sites opened the many possibilities of meeting strangers which is a good feeding ground for dangerous persons.

They could use it as a way to victimize others especially girls. Girls who are active online are prone to sexual approaches coming from unknown persons they chat with as well as they might be at risk of sexual abuse when they meet offline to these strangers. We have to warn these young adults to keep safe from harm.

Of course as parents, we would like to protect our children from danger. We want them to be secured. To keep children safe online, you could trace your child’s activities by installing a keylogger software in their computer. This really works for anything that has been done in the computer which is logged.

It means that all the conversations on MSN or in a chatroom is registered to where you could view it and be read. You could also check the Internet history to see the websites that were accessed by your child to keep safe.

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