People are always talking about being positive, and for good reason…. Keeping positive will help you to feel better, reduce stress and improve your health. Stress is a killer and if we allow constant negativity into our lives things seem to spiral out of control rather quickly, ultimately making us ill.

Of course as we know positivity and positive thinking also helps us to attract the things we want in life! But what do you do when you hit a bump in the road? It’s all too easy to let the negative thoughts creep back in and go back to the old way of thinking! Being positive isn’t just something we should do when things are going well, it is something that we should be doing every day, no matter what life throws at us, positive thinking will always make a situation better and we will deal with problems and stressful situations in a much calmer, and rational way than if we begin on the spiral of negativity.

Of course sometimes this is far easier said than it is done, and I know this feeling extremely well at the moment…. I want to share a recent experience with you:

Yesterday I had a day which was one of the most difficult and trying days I have ever experienced, it involved money (the loss of it, and the not having enough of it scenario). Now we all know that money worries cause us to feel stress, and will make us feel ill, and this was exactly what was happening to me yesterday morning!

The problem was that I found out that the money I was due to receive from a transaction, was no longer going to be mine and it had to go towards paying something that I had forgotten about, and that this thing I had forgotten about could affect someone else in a very negative way. Upon hearing that I was not going to be receiving this money, I will admit I started to panic, feel sorry for myself and feel that all the bad things happen to me…. This was my instant reaction of negativity creeping in, I knew it was happening and I knew that I needed to turn it around before it made me feel worse.

At that moment a good friend of mine sent me a message which said “There is something beautiful in every day…. You just have to find it.” Although this was the last thing I wanted to hear and I was quite happy sinking into my self-pity, something inside of me changed at that moment, and I realized that there really was nothing to worry about, after all it was free money that I had attracted and it was going to the place it was meant to go to all along. The only thing I needed to figure out was how to stop my problem from affecting someone else and making their lives more difficult. This made me focus on solving the problem and stopped me thinking about myself.

Although I don’t like the fact that I am no longer receiving this money and my plans have to change slightly, there really was a beauty in yesterday. I learned a lesson, and I learned that even when I don’t want to be positive, it is the only way to get through the days that are tough and even the ones that aren't!

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Sue is originally from London; now living in Spain she is an entrepreneur conducting her own freelancing business from home as a virtual assistant. Sue helps business owners to achieve success by assisting them with daily tasks and general organization. Sue assists us with Support, Accounting, Admin and Social Media Marketing & Copywriting.