Karuna Reiki can bring soul recognition that complete peace is already within us all.

The air was crisp and clear and the sounds of a nearby mountain stream were soothing my spirit. I had slipped away for a few moments of quiet introspection at the Karuna Reiki Retreat I was co-facilitating in Colorado this summer. I had just received a most transformational healing thanks to the willing service of my fellow Karuna Reiki Masters and the Karuna Reiki energy.

I have always loved the way in which Reiki brings together the perfect blend of energies into each class, and this carries through to Karuna Reiki classes as well. Sometimes there are karmic healings that need to take place among members of a class, sometimes there is future work to be done together, and other times we are simply brought together to learn new techniques from one another. Whatever the reason, the classes always come together perfectly.

…Reiki brings together the perfect blend of energies into each class…

This class was no exception, it brought together exactly the right blend of energies to create the perfect healing environment for each of us.

As I sat by the mountain stream, I perched upon a smooth river rock and dangled my bare feet in the water. The sun was streaming through the trees, sparkling on the rushing water, and a gentle breeze was caressing my skin. This was the perfect place to integrate what had just happened to me.

It was my turn to receive a healing in our practice sessions. Four beautiful Karuna Reiki Masters gathered around me, joined hands and offered a prayer of intent for my healing. Then they began to channel the Karuna Reiki energy with their voices. As they chanted and sang, I was transported deeper and deeper into the innermost corridors of my being. I was barely aware when the healing channels began to also direct the Karuna Reiki energy with their hands.

Suddenly I felt myself hurtling through time and space at an incredible speed and it seemed as if I was traveling for eternity. Then the momentum began to slow down, and I was floating on waves of energy. I had no sense of where I was going, I simply knew there was a definite destination and I felt a positive sense of anticipation. I was so very much at one with the currents of energy, I had no form, it was simply the essence of my being that was being transported. Then I began to feel an intense magnetic sensation drawing me closer to my destination.

Next I began to sense a brilliant golden light and I was drawn into this light by the mysterious, magnetic force. I sensed myself merge completely with this light, and instantly felt total, and absolute peace. This wasn’t simply the calm, peaceful state that I reach in my meditations, or when I do Reiki, this was so very much more. This was soul level peace. I was joy, I was love, I WAS peace and I was totally HOME. As I began to merge more deeply with this golden light, my soul wept tears of bliss from the recognition that this was my soul group. This was my soul group in its entirety…from a timespace near the beginning of creation.

We were one light, totally united in absolute love, joy and peace. I could recognize individual elements of the light, the essence of other beings within my soul group, yet there was no sense of separation. What I was experiencing was ecstasy. I was completely immersed in this experience and felt so safe and secure, I was home. Then suddenly, without warning, we were blasted apart and I was hurtling all alone into nothingness. I was terrified and overcome with sorrow and loneliness. I was totally isolated from anything familiar, I did not know where I was, or what was happening to me. My soul ached from the sudden sense of disconnection and emptiness.
Humans have the Divine potential to BE Compassion in action.

Humans have the Divine potential to BE Compassion in action.

I began to recognize various levels of my consciousness, and from somewhere deep within I heard “This is the source of our fear of abandonment.” The words echoed through my entire being, as my consciousness moved closer to my current incarnation. I gradually became aware of my spiritual body, and the words resounded all the way through it. The essence of the words then passed through my mental and emotional bodies and caused my physical body to visibly release deeply seeded cellular memory. My personal fear of abandonment was completely healed in this moment, because I now recognize this fear for the illusion that it is.

I became fully aware of my surroundings in that cabin in the mountains, as I was gently brought back by the soft and loving Karuna Reiki chanting being offered by my friends.

…I felt so very blessed to have experienced absolute peace.

I was dazed by my experience. I still felt the deep ache within my being, yet I felt so very blessed to have experienced absolute peace. I do not long for peace anymore, it is within me and has become a part of my personal truth. I have a deeper understanding that, as part of my purpose on Earth, I am to help others know this as well. Since this retreat, further work with Karuna Reiki has taught me how to travel back to my soul group at will. I find my healing work evolving as a result of this experience. My work is offering me increasing opportunities to work with individuals who experience deep healing by linking with their soul group. Karuna Reiki continues to help me define, establish and accomplish my divine purpose on Earth.

Karuna Reiki is a great gift that can help us recognize that complete peace is already within us all. This recognition can then bring us to a place of KNOWING absolute oneness with all creation.

copyright 1999 Laurelle Shanti Gaia

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Laurelle Gaia, author of The Book On Karuna Reiki, is also President of Infinite Light Healing Studies Center, Inc. which operates Peace Place the Reiki Center of Sedona. and Dir. of Teacher Licensing for the International Center for Reiki Training. She Laurelle can be reached via email http://www.KarunaReikiCenter.com