In the Hindu language the profoundly powerful word KARMA is used to identify this “Law of All Laws” ? the “Cause and Effect Law of the Universe.” If we subscribe to the laws of karma, we are open to the possibility that there is no such a thing as a “coincidence.” In reality, coincidence is a predetermined course of synchronistic events. Everything that happens to us is a result of our ancestors’ actions or the actions of our own souls in previous lives. Theologians and philosophers have been studying these karmic issues for thousands of years, many of which are documented in a host of treatises and monographs (see bibliography).

KARMA. What is it? What does it mean? What kind of information does it carry? It is the unknown, unseen energy and residue from relationships we have accumulated throughout all our previous lives. Most of us have actually known many of the people in our present lives in past incarnations. It explains why we are immediately attracted to or comfortable with a complete stranger, why we make strong, unexplainable connections, or why we encounter someone and feel an immediate disturbance. These are all examples of negative or positive past-life relationships.

These karmic relationships are hard to break, especially if they were established on powerful emotional ties. Enormous energy is spent in establishing links between human souls, and they move from one life to the next as well as from one generation to the other.
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