A being dies goes to the light realm and has a light review for example where there is a judgment and persecution of people in that life. Upon experiencing the split second moment where the individual experienced the perspective of what it was to be on the receiving end of the entity’s actions and if unresolved about an issue or feeling indebted to individuals that the entity judged a reincarnation takes place where the entity places itself into a home, land and environment which affords the circumstances necessary to tackle resolution. On a basic level the soul makes agreements with others in a hyperspace, dimensional world of vibratory compatibility and watch it if someone advanced in a higher hyperspace, dimensional world remembers you and reaches for you which is very rare but possible if they are not dead but ascended.

Usually however there is an incarnation picking up where trash got stashed and the cleaning crew is the incarnated entity alone. No greater ball and chain exists than other people with wants expectations judgments and melodrama karma agreements that keep the reincarnation wheel going. A trip to India and hopefully not many other places anymore where many gurus are available to take on your karma for a small or no donation to their ashram does exist. So does voodoo doll in the Philippines where karmic sensations may be sent to such gurus from far away. Pregnant pause for anyone offended and if you wait too long you may reincarnate in the same lifetime.

How does exactly a guru take away karma or worse take it on for the student? Is it the entity’s belief that is bought or agreed to in terms of lifting the pain and suffering of the soul on some level? It is the students inheritance to master that karmic problem. Why would he or she desire it lived by another? That is spiritual laziness and a lack of tackling fear that is the deciding factor of death which could have been avoided if the fear was dealt with. It is always the cause of death that fear. Dependence on such a guru is a risk of such an agreement of spiritual laziness. I would say find references in other articles I wrote on here about the importance of the garden being created for the children of beings on Earth where flowers are profusely blooming, insects shimmering and beautiful trees providing shelter for a sandwich break from play time. Readers will be surprised at the source of such a garden being created during times where a nursery is converted into the experimental laboratory of childhood where the young being is now asleep and the parents have some time to themselves. No guru required.

I had a conversation with my son once about the risk of betrayal in loving those who practice belief systems embracing karma. Why? In the adherence to karma as a philosophical reality it is necessary to remain in polarity to live its truth and that is a lower state of consciousness. So in working out karma it is still necessary to be in polarity consciousness. You feel guilty having money while the beggar has none? That is karma in action so you give and feel redeemed looking around perhaps if anyone notices likely also for you did the right thing. Not the same as giving from joy and laughing walking away barely noticing the other individual for more than one second. You are filled with the joy of laughter and effervescent spirit that is self replenishing and abundant it also generates great wealth for there is no clinging to money so it flows easily and there is not guilt to having it. So the individual who says I forgive myself all times for all errors in evolution great and small and those that see such an entity owing karmicly are natural betrayers of that being. That is the risk of knowing them that must be faced and weighed to an irrelevant occurrence. Where do they exist? in many places and bless the ones who do not live the philosophy of karma youthful shining with smiles loitering somewhere together on a sunny day or sharing an umbrella in the richness of spirit.

What is the difference in assessment vs. judgment? No karma. Assessment is the gathering of data without emotion clouding the perception with raging biochemistry affecting the brain from the emotional state. No great decisions may be made from emotions running. Contemplation after the emotions have passed without running them again to remind the individual how wronged they feel is integral. Businesses may lose a lot of money when private dramas are the selfish choice of those who are not in the same field of assessment. All is possible when emotions are not running the mind and if they do too often an overwhelmed brain may result that causes stress to the adrenal glands. Fear of emotions is then the beginning deterioration of consciousness which may result in depression, bi polar conditions and other problems. An over sensitive nervous system in some may occur to alert the observer as to the danger beginning to occur to consciousness and in others may be more sluggish. Thyroid issues are possible and a host of other potential ailments that there is not enough room here to list.

A body changed into almost an equivalent analogy of a breaking down car is what is left to function in life. Trash cleaning of the soul is then more difficult when the body is trashed. Healing practitioners are a blessing in this state to help clear the body and realign the soul with its truth if they are skilled and impeccable. If this does not occur there is a danger of light review with regret because of a brain overwhelmed and or combined with health ailments. Such a state I term demented because emotionalism or a tuning out and not dealing with feelings is a precursor to suppressing the soul so that the karma forms and gets poured out upon death. What is living over a milestone birthday like one hundred twenty years? Is it any wonder that all those ailments and emotional dramas make it difficult for the average person to accept stopping the aging process and karmic death?

In searching for a healer, teacher or mentor where there is complete respect for sovereign evolution and responsibility for the clean up by the individual once all of the tools have been given by the mentor or other professional then a healthy cooperation exists between practitioner and client that does not encourage dependence.

For those lovely people who have done much spiritual work on themselves attained peace and still wonder about death and karma a situation exists where there is ignorance because for those that left Christianity a large segment of the population still knows about karma in spiritual circles. Science has not explained this phenomenon with enough of the population embracing a scientific model of it that honors the spirit and soul’s evolution. Brain studies are required that record the activity of remembering the future in terms of how precognition is processed to demonstrate hyperspace access possible by the observer.

Such freedom of breaking the linear time model and acknowledging the possible movement of the observer through space time to other coordinates is beyond the karma model belief system.
Karma is what keeps the observer in a reality of an arc curve of set coordinates of experiences in life based on the unresolved or unconfronted issues. These begin in life and must be tackled if not dealt with in death.

What is the end of karma? Approval seeking ended forever.


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