We each have a physical/etheric, astral/emotional, mental and Spiritual body, sometimes jointly called the “four-body-system.” Within each of these four bodies are so-called permanent atoms. They are called permanent atoms because they are permanent in the sense of recording our every thought, feeling, action, intent and motivation throughout all our incarnations.

When we die and are reborn again, we receive new bodies. As these new bodies are being built, the records in our permanent atoms are looked at, and based on recorded past life behaviour and actions these bodies are built to be healthy or to be prone to certain weaknesses.

This is essentially how the law of karma is effectuated. This is how we each meet ourselves, life after life. This is not a punishment of God, it is rather a gift to correct ourselves to Divine perfection.

Now, even though we can’t escape the records of our permanent atoms and have to deal with the consequences of our actions, we are not victims of the past either. Rather, we are co-creators of our destiny and co-create our future together with the Lords of Karma which is a group of Masters on the inner plane that oversees the proper working out of the universal karmic laws. Together with these Masters, before we incarnate, we put together a life plan of sorts and come up with lessons, tests and situations that hold the greatest potential for Spiritual growth for us.

The Integrated Ascended Master is ever conscious of the fact that no thought he thinks, no feeling or emotion he creates, no word he says and no action he takes ever gets lost. What we are today is the sum total of our consciousness and the decisions we have made as a result. This is why the Integrated Ascended Master thinks before he speaks and acts, and why he pauses to attune his conscious mind with his Superconscious mind before he thinks.

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Dr Joshua David Stone was one of the most influential Spiritual teachers, leaders and forerunners of our time. He had a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology and was a licensed Marriage, Family and Child Counselor in California, USA.
He served as Official Spokesperson for the Planetary Ascension Movement and made his mark in the Consciousness Community as a prolific writer, authoring the 15-volume Easy to Read Encyclopedia of the Spiritual Path, published in several languages, as well as eight major Ascended Master Training Courses and several comprehensive Training Programs ranging from channeling, the psychology of astrology, the Book of Life of God, to his legendary 2,000 page Counseling Manual, and much, much more.
Today, the I AM University is the one and only Integrated Ascended Master Training Facility in this world. It stands firmly on the foundation of a comprehensive and ever-expanding curriculum which Dr Stone dedicated his life creating.
In 2005, Dr Joshua David Stone passed over to the Spirit world where he continues to Spiritually support the expansion of the I AM University the continuation of which he entrusted into the hands of Gloria Excelsias, his long-term personal assistant and protégé.
Dr Stone is one of the most widely read authors in the New Age Movement and known as the world’s most trusted source for integrated Spiritual development. http://www.iamuniversity.org

Gloria Excelsias is the President of the I AM University, an educational institution with focus on Spiritual and psychological development that was founded by the late Dr Joshua David Stone in 2004 and handed over to her care and leadership in 2005, at Dr Stone’s passing. As Dr Stone’s personal assistant, close friend and protégé, she received ongoing personal training in applied transpersonal psychology and integrated ascension which would prepare her consciousness for her later service work as the University’s President. Having moved the I AM University from California to Salzburg, Austria, her native country, she is now passionately dedicated to running and evolving the I AM University as an inspired writer and speaker, placing thematic priority on Spiritual psychology, the re-integration and updating of ancient occult teachings and the overall unfoldment of human consciousness.

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