It’s perfectly understandable to be mystified as to why “bad” things happen to seemingly “innocent” people. We’ve found that it’s necessary to put aside conventional thinking in order to grasp what we believe to be the truth about karma and personal fate.

To further address this issue, we’ll answer a question we received recently: “There’s got to be something amiss with karma as we have it. How does someone ‘earn’ karma such as being depth charged for three straight days in a leaking U-Boat? So that elect group of men did stuff in other lives to cook up that experience? ?

“Or how’s about those deadly but incredibly rare diseases certain kids get. (I’ll) take (‘deserve’) that, for stepping on that bug!! Seems to me you shouldn’t get karma which is outside your spectrum of experience. Otherwise, as I contend, we are dealt crap for no reason in particular. Some are lucky.”?

First, we don’t believe all horrific experiences are karmic in that they are the result of doing something negative in a past life.

However, we also believe that your soul (not your current personality) and the souls (not their current personalities either) of everyone involved choose to endure those horrific experiences to fulfill spiritual lessons and, or whatever other reasons such as helping others in the future who may find themselves in similar circumstances, or to help make sure it doesn’t happen to other people.

We believe it’s important to look at the big picture. When a group of guys gets trapped in a leaking U-boat, for example, it could be human error on their part, or the fault of the submarine manufacturer, or simply the consequence of being attacked by the enemy. In terms of being fated to die a terrible death at the bottom of the ocean trapped in a U-boat, the “how” of it isn’t as important as the why, from a spiritual perspective.

These men undoubtedly have people such as family who care about them and want them to be saved. This is a very important dynamic: who else is negatively (or positively) affected by the circumstances? Their loved ones, unfortunately, are fated to feel their loss, as our findings show.

What happens when you are forced to endure the loss of a loved one? In a spiritual sense, you might go through an initiation; you grow and move that much closer to the being you are fated to become. Sometimes you need to be launched in the right direction, and it’s often not pleasant. It may sound harsh, but we believe there is a spiritual reason for everything.

As for the guys trapped in the U-boat, there have been countless battles on this planet since the beginning of time and chances are this group of guys were together before, perhaps on the other side of the equation (if it was their bad karma), such as being part of the political leadership that hastily directed a naval force to do battle, resulting in a terrible defeat, wiping out the entire force.

Regarding infant mortality, our findings show that the souls of these little ones are often more advanced and know, before they are born, that it will be a short lifetime. Therefore, the experience is more for the people around them.

Again, consider the big picture. Our belief is that the soul is eternal, you’ve had many lifetimes, and that you take your overall health with you when you die. Live a life abusing alcohol, for example, and you could come back as an infant with liver disease. As mean as that may sound, this is what our findings show us; everything you do will come back to you, and not as a punishment. You can’t avoid this universal law.

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