Similar to the effects of yoga, everyone loves to hear about how to preserve and support their youth and vitality. More so for their faces! Fortunately, Kansa Wand is a natural mode of rejuvenating and uplifting your face without any involvement of harmful chemicals or radiations.

Digging Deeper:-

A Kansa wand is made using a blend of Copper and Brass. And it works wonders for giving your youthful face. Kansa wand is known to cast a magic of its own. For centuries, this tool has been used in India for relieving stress, increasing energy and also enhancing overall health.

The whole massage is based on using long repetitive strokes and circular movements which assists pull out the acidity from the skin tissues and present your face a gentle, and skin-tightening appearance.

Some experts claim- “ the sacred metal blend helps harmonise the energies in the chakras and meridians. And that’s why it proves so effective not just for your face uplift but also for enhancing blood circulation and treating frozen shoulders, painful backs and calming the entire nervous system.”

A Few Acknowledged Perks of Kansa Face Wand Massage Are As Follows:-

  • Kansa wand facial massage helps balance the skin’s pH level.
  • It helps reduce inflammation and balance dryness and oiliness.
  • It assists in detoxifying your face skin, helps brighten your complexion and reduces puffiness.
  • Such massages revitalise plump skin, soften lines and also enhances circulation. All this results in softer, smooth and unblemished facial skin.
  • Moreover, a Kansa wand massage removes those noticeable lymphatic nodes where toxins stagnate, thus resulting in breakouts and dullness.

Popular Ways, The Kansa Wand, Is Used For Skin Detoxification:-

i) Organic Jojoba Oil:- This is a popular mode which most notable massage centres in Perth will employ. They will use Jojoba oil along with other essential oils to carefully glide the wand over the face, neck and shoulder region. And the result of this massage brings about a warm, comfortable and pleasing sensation.

ii) With Ayurveda-certified Serum:- masseurs also employ Ayurvedic serums to detoxify the facial skin and make it appear naturally glowing.

iii) And, With Cold-pressed Almond Oil:- Most Kansa Wand masseurs In Perth will use slow circular motions around your cheekbones and eyes and using cold-pressed almond oil, they will present a cooling sensation to your facial skin.

Now that it is established how a Kansa wand face massage proves beneficial for facial detoxification and uplifting, the next step is finding the right massage centre in your area.

Some Key Pointers To Keep In Mind When Sorting Out Your Options:-

  • Check the experience of their masseurs,, as it is very important. The face is a delicate part of the human body, and so you should not take any chances with un-certified or inexperienced masseurs.
  • See how long has the centre been operating and other than doing Kansa wand facial massage in Perth what other forms of treatments do they specialise in. A notable one will always offer a wide variety of treatment packages, all at industry-standard rates.
  • Check if their used Kansa Wands are lead and nickel free or not. With that, also affirm if their customer care service is reliable and ready to answer whatever questions you have for them.
  • Lastly, go through their testimonial section. Even better would be to ask for a few references of their satisfied clients so that you can speak to them and get real-time feedback.

Use these tips when sorting out your options. It will reduce your stress, labour and allow you to make the best value for your money.

Author's Bio: 

The author Faheem Parkar is an expert specialising in Kansa Wand massage treatment in Perth. Other than Kansa wand facial massage in Perth, the author also consists of a team of experts who offer many other forms of treatments at budget-friendly rates.