Kangaroo Island is a very poplar tourist destination in Australia, however it is not just for families. In fact, it is also a great getaway destination for a romantic trip or weekend. Kangaroo Island is an up coming tourist location that attracts around 130,000 visitors each year from all over the world. As you are looking for a romantic getaway, you will be also interested in the accommodation you get here. On Kangaroo Island there is plenty of accommodation for people of all tastes and budgets. You will also find accommodation at a comfortable distance from the island’s many beautiful beaches and fun activities.

You should note that there is less to do on Kangaroo Island than there is with a city like Sydney, but as a romantic getaway location, you couldn’t ask for anything better. While the island was found in the 19th century, it has a history going back 13,000 years according to aboriginal history. There is also a very wide variety of wildlife and a fascinating local culture than you can explore with your partner.

In other words, there is plenty to keep you and your partner busy and interested during your getaway. There are new tourist sites that emerge each year, besides the long-standing attractions, which have been bringing tourists in for years. The Island is home to many old iconic lighthouses that are still operational and ready for you to look around. You can visit them all, while also seeing all of the island’s beaches from Mount Thisby, or Prospect Hill as it is now known. There is a great lookout point on Prospect Hill, so you can get a 360-degree view of the beautiful island in its entirety.

The principal town on Kangaroo Island is called Kingscote, which used to be known as Reeves Point when it was a settlement area in 1836. The Reeves Point name was altered when a suggestion was made that the town become South Australia's capital. In the end this did not happen because Kingscote didn't have the necessary resources to sustain its increasing population. Later, Adelaide became the capital of South Australia.

Kangaroo Island is most known for its wildlife conservation efforts and the many indigenous animals that are found there. If you enjoy animals then this will be a perfect location for a romantic getaway. There are now many wildlife activities that you can engage in and enjoy. There are also a number of kangaroo island wildlife reserves and natural wonders. One of these that you don’t want to miss is known as Seal Bay, which is home to the islands’ sea lions. You can enjoy a guided tour which can be arranged when you arrive on the island. This will let you see the native sea lions in a very close up manner.

There is also the Pardana Wildlife Park, which includes many of the island’s special animal species. This is open for tourists who can go there to learn more about the natural history of the island, interact with the animals there in their natural habitats and see exotic animals from all over the area. Don’t forget to also take the time to see the hairy penguin colony, where you can see them in their natural habitat. The center in that location lets you learn about the local marine life and discover the wonders of the local ecosystem.

As you can see, there is so much to see at Kangaroo Island, and it is an amazing location for a romantic getaway, especially if you are both animal lovers, or just interested in something different.

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