Kampala International University ranks as the top private university in Uganda and offer a number of market oriented health courses. Comprising the largest teaching and referral Hospital University, KIU offers a variety of courses and emphasizes on a number of health oriented courses.


Kampala International University remains the leading private university and also the fourth best in Uganda while offering the largest diversity of market oriented health courses in Uganda. The university has maintained the position since the beginning of 2019 when it received the rank of being fifth in the country. It presents a number of courses such as Economics and Management, Humanities and Social Sciences, Pharmacy, Nursing health Sciences, Allied health sciences and so on. Offering state of the art infrastructure and college area, the university has gained a prominent position in the present times. The courses offered are certificate courses, diploma courses; bachelor’s as well as Masters Programmes.


KIU also comprises of the largest teaching and referral hospital together while offering a variety of courses on health science. Boasting an ultra modern library with more than 5000 sitting capacity, the library is a popular hub among all. Offering a wide collection and selection of books and online journals, the library adds an important educational dimension to the University. Students can apply for the career oriented programs through online application. Students are required to a form and pay online to successfully perform online application. Promising to prioritize highest quality of professional services to a number of enrolled and prospective students, KIU welcomes a large number of students from worldwide to seek educational expertise in Uganda.


The University is spread across three branches, in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. It offers students the right opportunity to connect and form a network with students from all over the world. With an objective to become a premier of international repute which essentially prepares students for the professional world and expertise. ‘At KIU, we ensure that we offer assistance to students for actualizing their strengths. KIU is a fast growing institution attributing its growth and offer a wide range of Health courses for aspiring medical professionals to make most of.’, as said by Dr. Mouhamad Mpezamihigom, Vice Chancellor of KIU.


About Kampala International University:

Kampala International University is a University in Uganda that offers a number of health courses along with various other courses with the perfect amalgamation of great infrastructure and expertise faculty.




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Kampala International University Offers Diverse Market Oriented Health Courses in Uganda