Indian astrology has strange names of different yogas , like Gaj Kesari ( Elephant -Lion ) which is formed 4 times a month for 8 days and astrologer may tell you that it is a Rajyoga and you will become king-like in future .

It has Visha yoga ( Poison ) formed every month 2 days and astrologer may tell you that you will die of poison consumption. Nobody questions why the yogas were named like that . Also , whatever is predicted has remote possibility of happening because of such literal translations and changed social conditions.

Ancient Puranic literature uses “Naga” word frequently . There was even Naga dynasty and many people have Naga as surname in India. Word Naga may have been having many meanings in old Sanskrit but now it is reduced to one meaning of Snake .

The people currently do literal translation of old Indian theories and create absurdity in meaning. Like old Vedic literature said that there are 33 KOTI ( types) of devta ( gods or giver ) like trees , rivers , Sun , wind , water etc .

In last 100 years , it has been translated as 33 Crores ( Koti - Crores- 10 millions ) by illiterate pundits. So, this absurdity spread everywhere that Hindus have 330 million Gods and other religion people quote it liberally.

The lack of Sanskrit language knowledge is causing such havoc. Fortunately I had studied Sanskrit till my matriculation exams so I can also understand other meanings of a Sanskrit word .

Originally Rahu planet was symbolised as with large head and without trunk and its remaining body part as Ketu ( headless) as tail and both parts were together considered like a snake formation because both changed their signs together and moved backward.

While this was not very significant for many centuries , in last 50-80 years, the illiterate pundits started terming any yoga formed by Rahu e.g. Rahu in 5th house was termed as naga or Sarpa dosha while all 7 planets falling between Rahu and Ketu as Kaal Sarp Yoga ( KSY) , which actually means Time looking like a snake but projected as time eating like snake .

Thereafter , pundits and astrologers started prescribing Nag Puja with donation of silver snake to themselves to grab money .They also started explaining that killing a snake,in this or past life caused this dosha .

Had this been true , all Chinese , Americans , Thais and Far- east Asian country’s citizens relishing snake dishes should have 200% Nag dosha in their destiny . They all should have difficulty in bearing children , career and so on. But it is not true .

Author's Bio: 

Sri Tulasi is a professional astrologer having more than 15 years of experience.