Who needs an autoresponder? If you are just starting out online or if your Internet business is not making money, you need an autoresponder. Virtually anyone who is trying to make money online would benefit by using an autoresponder. The real money is made online by selling to your list of people. A good autoresponder is an absolute necessity to manage and sell to a large and/or growing list of subscribers.

What is an autoresponder? An autoresponder is an e-mail marketing and mailing list management tool. The first autoresponders were developed for email delivery systems. They sent an automatic notice to an original sender if an email could not be delivered to its intended address. Their messages were very simple, such as, “your email was not delivered to its intended recipient because…” Since then, autoresponders have come a long way.

It can perform multiple repetitive, but essential communication tasks for you. For example, you can use an autoresponder to send follow-up messages for e-courses and information you offer through your website. It can help you to maintain regular contact with prospective and existing clients. It can diseminate general information. It is an essential ingredient in building an opt-in subscriber list. You can use it to follow up with visitors, follow up with buyers, offer multi-part ecourses, sales presentations, and customer support. An autoresponder has hundreds, maybe even thousands of possible uses. You are only limited by your imagination.
By adding follow-up autoresponder marketing to your business automation, you are free to concentrate on those business tasks that require a higher level of human interaction, such as managing your business or developing new products.

How can you make money online using an autoresponder? First of all, you need to advertise so that people can sign up for your list. One of the best and cheapest forms of advertising is to write and submit articles. To do this, you simply write 300-500 word articles like the one you're reading now. Make your articles useful and related to the information you are selling to your list. Pack your articles full of content that people need and can use. At the end of your article, place a resource box that contains a little ad and the link advertising the benefits of subscribing to your list. When people read your article, they will be able to click on your links and sign up for your list.

Set up your autoresponder to send out messages to your list every few days. Some of your messages will contain valuable information and or free reports and some of them will contain ads for the products you are recommending.

Of course, this is a very simplistic overview of the process, but it's an outline on how to get started making money with autoresponders.

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