Life will always be life and as such we do experience happy moments and unhappy moments. Have you ever read an article somewhere about the shortest marriages? If you haven't then you'll be surprised to learn some of the marriages that lasted for only 24 hours, nine days and less than six months.

Why do married couples decide to get divorced and yet they had vowed "until death do us part?" Did they say this as a matter of formality with no commitment to do as per the vow? Couples should not reduce marriage vows to just a piece of paper but they should respect them and keep their promises. Marriage vows should mean a lot to spouses.

Nowadays, there are so many divorce cases and people are left wondering what could be the causes. Some of the major causes are:

1.) Lack of effective communication between married couples.

2.) Failure of trust between spouses.

3.) If a wife or husband is engaged in infidelity.

4.) Poor management of finances.

5.) Lack of sexual interest and love by one married partner.

6.) Too much interference and pressure from in-laws or parents.

7.) If a married partner is addicted to alcohol or drugs.

By the way, we are human beings and there is no way we can be perfect. Challenges face us daily and we ought to tackle them. Couples should supplement one another where there are weaknesses. We need to show our children the purpose of marriage. We should not show them a bad example that marriage is something that is woeful and never works. We should let our children grow up knowing that husbands and wives are supposed to live together as couples and not as enemies.

We should learn that divorce isn't the only way of solving marriage problems. However, some circumstances that are very horrible make it impossible for people to live together as couples thus forcing them to get divorced. Divorce should be the last resort after trying everything in order to save a marriage.

You might be coming out on the other side of a divorce and you might desire some new friendships in your life. You feel this way because you've moved to a new town. Or more likely, you lost all of your old friends because of the divorce. You should know that you can definitely start over with new friends. Divorce shouldn't stop you from living your life; you should cope well with life.

You can go to the internet to find people who are having similar problem as yours. You might find someone you can talk to who actually understands what you have just been through, you know, "a problem shared is a problem half solved."

Then again, if you want to make new friends, why not try to ask your friends and family to help you out in this area? They can introduce you to some people they might know who are staying in that town you just moved to.

A divorce is a new beginning in your life. Don't discount blind dates. Sometimes they work out for the best. Don't be too judgmental; go in with an open mind. If you see that guy or girl who got away in the past and is not married, go after him or her! Just because you have gone through a divorce doesn't mean that you should never love again. You should put yourself in a position to start over again with love and with friendship. True friends are there for you especially during the hard times in life.

If you feel that your situation is affecting you psychologically, then you should not delay to seek out medical attention. Some people hide their depression and sadness by taking hard drugs and drinking alcohol or even by becoming workaholics. These things will only add to your sadness and actually they'll increase your problems and sorrow. Therefore, you aren't helping your situation if you resort to taking hard drugs, alcohol or being a workaholic. You're only making things worse.

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