If you have recently moved to the United States or if you are preparing to make this life-changing move, you may be wondering how your relocation will affect your career and income potential. The American Dream often includes building an amazing career and improving your life, and this dream can more easily be accomplished when you get your career off on the right foot. These tips will help you to launch a successful career in the United States.

Find an Entry Level Position If Necessary

You may have bills to pay almost as soon as you arrive in the country, and this means that you need to find work quickly. It is best to work in your desired field so that you can gain local experience that other employers may find advantageous or valuable later in your career. In many fields, there is a wide range of entry-level positions that you may consider applying for. However, if you already have significant experience or skills, it makes sense to apply for positions that are well-suited for your background and level of training.

Obtain Necessary Certifications

In many cases, you may be required to obtain a certificate or license to do specialized work in the United States. This is true for real estate agents, teachers, doctors, lawyers and many other types of professionals. Learn more about the certifications and licensing requirements for your field, and sign up to take appropriate classes or tests as needed.

Improve Your English Fluency

You may already know English, but your fluency may not be as good as it could be. Being able to speak and write fluently in English is necessary for many positions in a variety of fields. You can easily take another English class or two or even obtain a certification through an institution, like the Interactive College of Technology, to prove to employers that you are fluent in the native language in the United States.

Use a Job Placement Firm

Some people struggle to find a great job in their field, and this is true for immigrants and native citizens alike. Job placement firms are an excellent resource that you can use. These firms typically are free for job seekers to use, and their services are paid for by the employers. They can help you to find positions that you are qualified for and that meet your income requirements.

It can take several years or more of hard work and strategic effort to launch an amazing career in the United States. While you may struggle for a period of time, rest assured that you may eventually reach the level of success that you desire in your American career.

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Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake.