If you are an affiliate marketer you would probably be looking for the successful market that gives you the biggest paycheck. Sometimes when you read many success stories you may think there is a magic formula available. Actually, we all know it is a little more complicated than that. It is just good marketing practices and many years of hard work and dedication that made these marketers find success in affiliate marketing.

There are strategies that have proven to work well with online marketing and is also known to have worked equally well in the online affiliate marketing industry. These top three marketing tips will surely help to increase your sales, boost your online income and ultimately help you survive in the affiliate marketing world. Moreover, just like affiliate business, anyone would certainly generate significant amount of money with the aid of Article Marketing strategies.

What are these three strategies?

One Web Page for One Product

Create a unique web page for each separate affiliate product that you are promoting. Try not to put them all together just to avoid spending a few more dollars on your hosting account. Focusing solely on one product helps to create a well organized presentation and gives a good first impression to your first time visitors.

Provide your product reviews so that your visitors can understand how they can benefit after making a purchase. It is important to include some testimonials from people who have used your product and loved it. Ask for their permission to use them and include their photos too if possible.

Give Free Reports

Give out free reports to your readers. How and where you place them is really important. It is strongly recommended to position them at the top of the page so that this is very visible to the visitor who lands on your site or blog. You can design a simple yet attractive one by using your autoresponder software.

Once your visitors signed up for the free report, a new relationship with your subscriber begins and this is where you should start your marketing communication by using your autoresponder. Remember a sale is seldom closed before the seventh contact with your prospect.

Get Real Targeted Traffic

Getting a lot of traffic to your website or blog is good only if this traffic is targeted. It is useless to receive hordes of traffic if people are not interested in what you have to offer. Moreover they will be uninterested and will never come back for another visit let alone buy from you.

Write at least 2 articles in a week and publish in article directories so that you can locate publications that are focusing on your target customers. Remember the more articles you published the more targeted traffic you will receive. In addition, there are lots of Affiliate Marketing Tools that could certainly help get good quality targeted traffic.

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