These days everything is instant and high speed. Information comes through the social network every second. Deadlines at work exhaust us. We squeeze in quality time with your loved ones. Some even "skype" their friends and family because it never seems to be enough time. We zip in and out of lanes, going no where fast. How do we find the time to just breathe?

Growing up in the big city, it was always rush, rush, rush. Huffing and puffing from one appointment to the next. School, rehearsals, auditions and interviews had me frazzled . Being a young mother, I also crammed reading, play dates and lullubyes into my schedule. But something was missing. By the time I was 25, I felt burned out. I really thought partying like a "rock star" was down time. It only made me feel more out of tune with myself. I always knew how to pray and I began talking to the Divine. I needed to find a way back to my youthful energy.

Back in 2007, I was working with a friend, at the flea market. At the end of the day he told me to pick out three items. I had my eye on this interesting wooden sculpture, a vintage briefcase and "The Complete Yoga Book". It was thick,juicy and I was a super reader ready to dig in. What I didn't know, was how this book would change my life forever.

One of the first Yoga's I adopted into my life was the Yoga of Breathing. This yoga is called Pranayama. All my life I thought I was breathing, when I was only holding my breath and drowning in a sea of confusion and doubt. Now I know true breathing and breath control. Prana is "life breath". Life breath is the power within each human being. The practice of Pranayama through breath control has four stages. First you inhale through the nose, inflating your belly like a balloon. Pausing for five seconds then exhaling through your mouth, as your belly deflates. Pausing again for another five seconds. Repeating the stages for five intervals allows you to relax your mind as well as purifies the blood and helps you strengthen your lungs.

Proper breathing raises health and the elevation of the mind. This will lead to an enlightened higher consciousness. And now more than ever, we need to learn this, as our lives become swift and jammed packed. Instead of becoming frustrated by the day to day mishaps, practice Pranayama at the red light or as you stand in the line at the grocery store. Even as you walk down the street become aware of each inhale and exhale. Let us all take the time and just breathe.

Author's Bio: 

Growing up on the mean streets of Chicago wasn't easy but with creativity and a sense of spirituality, I beat the odds.