Reglan medicine is used to cure heartburn and other stomach or intestine related problems. As it has some serious side effects like tardive dyskinesia, heart failure, dizziness and many more, FDA has issued it a Black Box Warning. So, now it is mandatory for all the manufacturers of the drug to issue this warning with all the labels. However, since the after effects persist even after discontinuing the medicine, many people have suffered from perennial damage.

Filing a Lawsuit against Reglan

Many people suffer from perennial damage because the after effects of metoclopramide can persist even after discontinuing the medicine. If any such situation has happened to anyone close to you, you can contact an attorney and file for a compensation. In neurological disorders in specific, the manufacturers of the medicine have to compensate for all the loss borne to the patients including medical expense, lost salary, pain and agony.

Lawsuits with Verdicts filed against Reglan

Few states of California, New Jersey, along with Pennsylvania, Alaska, Canada and 10 other jurisdictions across the U.S.A in all had filed 15 different lawsuits. In a sample of five cases reported from California, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Alaska and Canada combined together, one was settled out of court, while the rest four were ruled in favor of plaintiffs by the jury. Abiding by the confidentiality terms and conditions, the details of some of the awards that the consumer got were unavailable to public.

Consumer suffered from Tardive Dyskinesia- A woman from San Francisco, California, Shirlean and Elmer Meade from West Virginia, who took Reglan medicine, the generic version, to treat heartburn, in turn suffered from tardive dyskinesia.
Shirlean suffered from reflux and was prescribed Reglan medicine however in turn developed uncontrollable movements of tongue, mouth and jaw. The awards that Shirlean and Elmer Meade got from the jury verdicts have not been reported.
The Woman from San Francisco got a compensation of $6.7 million by the jury verdict. The manufacturer in this case was Weyth, Inc., who was incapable of warning the consumer adequately about the adverse effects that the drug could pose.

Following are the main FAQs that are considered before filing a Reglan lawsuit.

Q1. What is Reglan?

Q2. Why was it prescribed?

Q3. What were the side effects of Reglan that the consumer suffered from?

Q4. What were the other risks that Reglan’s use could have caused to the consumer?

Q5. Does the consumer belong to the group of people more susceptible to the side effects of Reglan?

Considering the extent of damage caused to the patient and with the above-stated factors in mind, a Reglan Attorney can only determine whether to go for an out of court settlement or a Reglan lawsuit trial.

Information on Reglan lawsuits

The presiding judge in the U.S. District of Nevada has been handling Reglan lawsuits for a long time and hence developed an expertise in the same arena. Hence Reglan plaintiffs have been persistently asking since April 2009, to combine their lawsuits. This will not only get all Reglan lawsuits to one forum but will also curb the discrepancy pertaining to rules and schedules passed in various verdicts.

Thus Judge James C. Mahan’s Las- Vegas based federal district court may become the central location for all lawsuits pertaining to Reglan.

So if any of your near and dear ones has suffered any kind of ailment due to the consumption of metoclopramide, do consult a well qualified Reglan lawyer to know the best prospects of compensation through a viable lawsuit or out of court settlement.
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