Average Monsoons are expected this year, as Jupiter traverses the hot Aries. ( Around 2200 mm of rains expected in Kerala ).

According to Astro Meteorology, the Kala Varsha or the South West Monsoon will start from May 29th and Meteorology predicts that it will start on May 31st.

The Arabian Sea Branch of the South West Monsoon or Edava Pathi will start early and the Bay of Bengal Branch of the S W Monsoon will reach Calcultta by the 8th of June. Normally SW Monsoon reaches Bombay by 10th of June.

This time there will be average monsoon on the 825 km Malabar Coast, along coastal Maharashtra, coastal Goa, coastal Karnataka and coastal Kerala. This belt receives the maximum rains and eve in the summer there are rains in Kerala, which looks always greenish !

Kala Varsha is caused by the cold winds from the Indian Ocean, which rush in to neutrallise the hot air of the Thar Desert and North India. Now Thar and N I is very hot and in Rajastan and Surat the heat is extreme. We are situated on the North of the Equator and ours is a Torrid Zone or a Tropical Zone. Hence rains come as a relief from the fierce heat and people normally ignore the devastation it brings !

India is an agrarian economy and the effects of the Monsoon on Indian economy is great. We expect that the GDP growth will hover around 8%, with an average monsoon. Last monsoon was great and we got a 8.9% growth.

Mercury represents the Earth Principle
Watery Principle is ruled by Venus
The Element Fire is signified by Mars
The Airy Principle is Saturn
And Jupiter signifies the Principle Ether
All the Elemental Five
Correspond to the major planets Five thus

Asthi thvak pisicham cha roma cha sira bhoo
Tad sukla vat swado moothra himambu
Thril sudapi nidralasyabhasam anala
Vayu samplavana prasarana na kunjanam na dhavanam
Raga dwesha bhayatrapadhi kadhitham
Moham cha nrinam nabha

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