Encouraging your child to engage in various types of sports does not only contribute to his health, but also to his personal development. It might sound surprising, but 5-a-side football provides extraordinary benefits, the most obvious one being that it will keep you in good physical shape. If you worry that your little one will become addicted to video games and spend most of the time indoors without even taking a breath of fresh air or allowing sunrays to caress his cheeks for at least an hour daily, then subtly introduce the idea of playing 5-aside football into your conversations. The reason for this initiative is more than simple: your spirited kid will have to run on a field during the entire game and because he will only have four mates in his team, giving his best to win the game will become a priority for him, which leads us to another benefit. 5-a-side football relies on team work meaning that your child will have the opportunity to communicate or cooperate with other children of his age and be a real strategist.


Qualities that every 5-a-side player must have

Do you have a hard time keeping your child focused and disciplined? 5-a-side football helps in this regard as well because it teaches the players how to respect each other and understand the meaning and importance of fair play. Furthermore, he will always have to pay close attention to his opponents, think and act faster so that he does not miss any opportunity to win the game. Undoubtedly, football brings a large number of benefits for juniors, but how can you tell if your little one has the necessary skills for becoming a good player?

We are going to disclose the primary qualities that any 5-a-side player must have in order to deliver a memorable performance. These mainly refer to vision, speed and ball skills. The last one is probably quite evident because all players must run around the field while handling one ball. Fortunately, you can immediately notice if your little one is a natural born talent from the young age of 12. Moreover, if your child has a competitive nature, then he will inevitably start working towards improving his goal-scoring record and mastering the most advanced playing techniques. Who knows, maybe he will end up exploring the pro 5 side football leagues. You might be raising a rising star so make sure that you support his evolution.

Rules that your child must observe when playing 5-a-side football

Obviously, becoming familiar at least with the basics is very important so that you can provide not only emotional support, but also accurate information on how your kid can improve his game. We will provide you the top rules straight from professional players. Use them and you will notice a significant improvement in your child’s performance. Even though having a great striker will bring those much-desired goals and consequently, the victory, teach your little one to be humble. Walking on the field with a big ego will not do any good for anybody. In fact, it might even cloud his mind thus impeding him from anticipating moves and staying ahead of his opponents. Recommend your child to replace that ego with excitement or enthusiasm. Furthermore, managing to divide your attention in various places at the same time is crucial. More specifically, although you are preparing for an attack, you also have to keep a close eye on defense. Always remember your kid to maintain its position. If all the players in the team are in the right positions, then we are stating the obvious, but the respective team will win the game.

Winning is important, but losing helps you improve your game

The truth is that even though your child observes all these rules, you do not have the certainty that he will win the game because he cooperates with other players who also share the responsibility of controlling the game and winning. A 5 aside football team must include a good confident keeper and a defender willing to start attacks without losing his ability to pass. Unfortunately, your kid cannot do them all at the same time so he just needs to stay in position and do the best he can. Finally, yet importantly, tell him to relax and enjoy the game. Indeed, the main objective of everyone in the team and the supporters is to win, but a lost game does not represent the end of the world. Therefore, even though your child and the other players in the team, who are also his friends lose, you should still celebrate the fact that they joined efforts to deliver a good performance. Take them out and have fun, but never overlook practice because this is a major element that will make the difference between he result of the previous game and the result of the next game.

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