Coming out on a dandeli trip in itself is a feeling that is sure to rush the adrenaline, while giving a sense of calmness. When people reach to the lands of dandeli, they are sure to have a great holiday. This holiday is made more wonderful by the prospect of so many activities that can be done during the trip.

Staying in the jungle resorts is one of the memorable experiences of this trip. There are some beautiful resorts with most comfortable rooms that are amidst the beautiful surroundings of dandeli. This being a picturesque location with river kali flowing in the backdrop of western ghat ranges, and surrounded by lush green forest, is quite liked by the tourists. And living in resorts like the bison river resort, makes for a fulfilled trip to the picturesque location.

Those who are interested in the adventure activities can go out for kayaking, white river rafting, canoeing, and other such possibilities. For such adventure enthusiasts, the resorts that are in dandeli for accommodations, arrange the adventure trips. Due to the green forest all around the jungle resorts, tourists to dandeli can go out for long trekking trips through the dense jungle cover that is another of the adventure activities. These measures to keep the tourists on dandeli trip occupied for their time of stay, makes the trip a memorable one.

For the quaint and serene atmosphere loving people, staying and lounging in the suspended canopies under the tree covers is an ideal way to spend their time. The interiors of the resorts are also quite comfortable with all amenities of television, phones, and others. Tourists can just sit in their rooms enjoying the beautiful sceneries from outside their windows, and can never get bored.

With so much of things to do in the luxurious environment of the bison river resort, holiday makers are choosing the trip to dandeli for their holidays. This place has all the ingredients to make the holiday, one of the most memorable trips for many people who wish to come out of the humdrum of the daily life schedules.

It is quite easy to reach the mysticness of dandeli, located in the state of Karnataka and about 120 kms from goa. Here, the time stands still as tourists immerse themselves in the charms of the surrounding. There is the most subtle of the natural sceneries to enjoy as well as the rocking and cradling river so that tourists can enjoy their trip while resting in the comforts of the many jungle resorts.

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