It's important to put yourself in front of your target audience as often as possible. With increasing numbers of people spending time on the Internet, adding videos to your marketing efforts can help you reach a whole new audience. Having a marketing video welcomes visitors who might not have otherwise found you and gives people an additional way to learn about your services. Visitors will not only have the ability to read about what you do, but the ability to sit back and easily absorb content that can make a lasting impression.

Currently, there is no better social networking site for video then YouTube. When you post a video on YouTube, you will drive traffic to your site in a very short period of time and are shown how popular your video is becoming. Plus, Google search engines love videos, so your ranking will increase. This emerging technology is bound to be used by more marketers as time goes by. Even though video marketing is relatively new, it is a venue that is bound to grow. Here are a few more ways to power your marketing with YouTube videos:

Keep it Simple. Even though it might sound daunting to create a video, it is easier then you might think. Most of us have heard of viral marketing, but even an average video can drive traffic to your website. One creative idea can often lead to another and even your first marketing video can be the start of an excellent new way to share your message.

Create a Brand Channel. While following with the keep it simple principle, YouTube recommends that marketers have a brand channel as a destination for their content. When designing your channel, make sure you fill out a full profile, including your website and any other pertinent information. The more you can give YouTube users, the more likely they will give back by visiting your site.

Use What You know. A great majority of YouTube videos are not made with professional camera equipment. A cell phone camera can be a good start and even a digital camera with filming capabilities or a laptop computer with a built in camera. Your video doesn't have to be an epic length either; The most effective length is about 3 to 6 minutes.

Learn and Share. Just as you would provide information to visitors on your website, do the same with YouTube. Rather than positioning your marketing video as a traditional advertisement, make it more engaging, allowing watchers to learn something of value. Encourage comments and ratings, as well as sharing your video on other websites. YouTube watchers can choose to post your video on their websites remotely, so be sure to always include your website URL somewhere in the video content. YouTube gives you an embedded code for posting the video and gives you the advantage of quick downloading and not taking up a huge amount of space. So be sure to share it on your website as well as other social networking sites like Facebook.

Tell a Story. Storytelling is one of the oldest forms of entertainment out there. If your story is compelling enough, your audience will react by coming to your website and wanting more. Just like when you watch a movie, the characters who tell the story are important. Whether your story focuses on being behind the scenes or in the action, give viewers honest, reliable sources who they can identify with and cheer on.

Keep Uploading. The best way to know what kind of video will work best for you is to continue trying and see what works. Many marketers make a video or two and then abandon the idea. Even though you want to have a variety of marketing tools, video marketing thrives on the ability to keep producing content. The concept isn't all that different from blogging, where what is shared tends to grow and evolve overtime. Uploading one or two videos a week can get you noticed in no time.

Social networking is not going to end any time soon — and it is only the beginning for video marketing. Incorporating YouTube videos makes it easier than ever for people to find you and get a sense of how you can help them. As online marketing opportunities continue to evolve and expand, do your part to grow your business alongside them.

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