Do you have the courage to reach your goals? Do you have the courage to succeed? Do you have the courage to mix with the people who can change your life. Do you have the courage to walk away from those who keep you in your place? If you really want to change your lifestyle and become successful one of the major keys is simply: keep good company.

The people around you affect the way you live your life and the way you see the world. Mix with negative, judgemental, angry, criticising people and gradually that’s the way you are. In no time you are the same. You find yourself bitching about the way the world is, being angry at others for little or no reason, criticising others for not thinking the way you do. In a nutshell, you spend your time seeing what is impossible rather than what is possible in your life. Even if you are aware of the power of positive thoughts and a positive lifestyle, in this environment you have an uphill battle to success.

In other words make it easy on yourself; find like minded souls. Find people who behave and act the way you want to behave and act. It’s like being an alcoholic. If you want to change there is no point in keeping the company of alcoholics that drink. Either find company who don’t drink or make friends with alcoholics who are currently sober. It’s the best medicine of all; keep good company.

How many times have you attended self development courses and seminars and come out with lists of actions, fuelled by enthusiasm and good intentions only to find a few days later the enthusiasm has gone, the list is filed and you have returned to your previous way of life. Why? Because you tried to go it alone. You didn’t keep in contact with other course members or the moderator you just had your list. You returned to your cynical, judgemental, criticising selves. And everyone you spoke to agreed, it was an impossible plan for you to follow, people like you don’t do that. When would you get the time? Etc. etc. etc. YOU did not keep good company.

We bring most of our problems on ourselves. Just like any addition there comes a time when we begin to realise what we are doing to ourselves. We need to move away from the fear based culture we have been living in. We need to change. It is difficult to give up drinking when everyone around you is drinking, it is difficult to give up smoking when everyone around you is smoking. Therefore it is difficult to stop thinking negatively and build a creative, positive outlook if everyone around you is bitching, criticising and blaming others all the time.

Just spend a few minutes and ask yourself:

Who do I spend my time with?

What kind of company am I keeping?

How many hours a day do I spend with the TV?

Am I mixing with people who see themselves as victims?

Are these people going to make me into the sort of person I want to be?

Are the people with whom you spend your time, cynical, judgemental, blaming ?

The way forward. The way to get on the correct path. Is to keep good company. Keep the company of good people who make good choices. Someone who has conquered the negativity, the bitching, the cynicism. Or at least someone who acknowledges that there is a different way and is making effort to change. Find someone who can:

Listen without blaming,
Hear you without criticism,
Keep you focussed when your focus slips,
Remind you of your strengths when the going gets tough
Remind you why you are on this journey.
Be just there for you.

The secret of getting ahead and staying there is to keep good company. If you want to be a better salesperson, mix with good sales people, if you want to be a good copywriter, mix with good copywriters. People judge us by the company we keep. They infer that we are a certain way because of the company we keep. Even though we may be different we are automatically ‘guilty’ by association. So if you want to achieve, if you want to change. If you want to succeed. Keep good company.

Graham and Julie

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Julie and Graham live in the Canary Islands where they pursue their love for writing, photography and spirituality. To see more of their work please go