The people who serve our country are no different than you or I. We all have a purpose to contribute to life, based on the qualities we were born with.

I watched on TV the Day 1 confirmation hearings for Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court. As I watched and listened, I began to wonder, "Who is this woman? What does she stand for and what are her life lessons?" If elected as the newest Supreme Court member, she will hold a very formidable position in the third branch of our government.

So, as any excellent astrologer would do :), I looked her up astrologically. Let me share with you what I found.

Born June 25, 1954, Judge Sotomayor is, astrologically speaking, a Cancer. Family is important to her and her roots extend all the way back to Spain where an ancestor traveled by ship in the 1500's to Central America, adopting Puerto Rico as his new home. She, of course, was born in The Bronx, New York, centuries later.

Here are the astrological influences of her personality. I'll tell you what they mean in just a moment, as far as her "Purpose" is explained.

Sun: Cancer
Moon: Aries
Mercury: Cancer
Venus: Leo
Mars: Capricorn
Jupiter: Cancer
Saturn: Scorpio
Uranus: Cancer
Neptune: Libra
Pluto: Leo

Sun in Cancer: indicates that she is a patriotic woman with mothering instincts, who, interestingly enough, never had children. Unusual for a sun sign Cancer. However, there are alternatives for every sun sign, and she chose politics - very Cancer of her, instead of motherhood. She sees herself as mother & protector to a nation. Part of her purpose, having chosen this alternative, is to protect its people through her office. Just as a mother would do for her children at home.

Moon in Aries: She hides a personality that is subconsciously motivated by what's best for her. Hmmm. This may be a character flaw that will have to be addressed so that, if elected, she remembers that she serves the nation and it's constitution, not her own ideas and wants.

Mercury in Cancer: Her thought process and mind set are very quiet and internal. This woman is brilliant, in that she never forgets a thing. She might even have a photographic memory. As long as she keeps her mind on what's best for the country and follows the Constitution, she will always do the right thing.

Venus in Leo: Judge Sotomayor adores the spotlight and wants to be appreciated for her role in leadership. Because most Supreme Court judges keep a low profile, she may find it difficult to not be the center of attention regularly. Don't be surprised if she becomes a political author to keep her name in front of the public. Hey, come to think of it, she is authoring when she hands down a Supreme Court decision. OK, scratch that. Her Venus in Leo is resolved.

Mars in Capricorn: She was destined to a position of authority and most, if not all, of her energy has gone toward the achievement of that goal. I wonder if that's why she and her husband divorced in 1983. She's no slouch and works long and hard to increase her levels of authority. Her best efforts pay off later in life.

Jupiter in Cancer: Again, substituting politics for motherhood, the Judge makes a great political advocate or advisor. Hopefully she will not misdirect this into setting policy for the nation, instead of interpreting the constitution. That's the job of a Supreme Court Justice. By the way, did you know that the U.S. is, astrologically, a Cancer nation? Independence Day, July 4, 1776 is the day the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence from England. Our nation was born during the time the sun was passing through the constellation of Cancer.

Saturn in Cancer: She may see herself as responsible for both the mothering and fathering of our nation. She's likely to nurture in a disciplined way and may have a soft spot for those less fortunate. The danger here is exactly what opponents have been saying, and that is that she will hand down policy, based on sentiment, rather than the constitution. Her job is not to make law, but to define and uphold the existing laws of our Constitution; definitely a part of her purpose with Saturn in Cancer.

Uranus in Cancer: Ah, here's the dilemma. Cancer wants security and tried & true results, but Uranus wants to throw it all out and start over new. Judge Sotomayor wants and needs a sense of security, based on all her Cancer planets, but Uranus is her monkey wrench. The secret for her is to start over with a new, non traditional method for something meaningful, without risking her sense of security, or the nation's. Can she make major changes at work? Should she do this at work? A better solution might be to keep change out of her profession in the Supreme Court and use it to, for example, change laws to protect children. Much safer for the nation.

Pluto in Leo: The planet Pluto is the ultimate search and destroy energy of the zodiac. In Leo, it means that part of the Judge's life purpose is to search out and destroy her Leo-like ego. This combination could make up the personality of a control freak, dictator or someone whose ego refuses to allow them to answer to anyone other than themselves. A better solution would be to apply healthy standards of power and control in a leadership position. There's an old saying by British Lord Acton who said, "Power tends to corrupt and absolute power absolutely corrupts." Sotomayor needs to use caution and take steps toward handling power in a responsible way and for the good of her nation.

It will be interesting to see how her hearings proceed. Will she obtain the position of Justice of the Supreme Court? Will she follow her Life's Work and bring the positive personality traits she was born with into the service of her country? Only time will tell.

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