An educational institution has a major role to play in shaping the impressionable young minds right from the early days of childhood until the subsequent stages of teenage. Be it stimulating a sense of curiosity in the fledglings, inculcating key life skills and knowledge, or preparing them for their future roles, the indelible mark of the institution impacts every stage of an individual’s life.

Thus, when it comes to choosing a school for the children, it’s always about settling for nothing less than one of the top-tier names in the field of education. And, since 2004, JP International School has steadily emerged and held on to its position as one of the most sought after senior secondary institutions in Greater Noida top schools.

A world-class educational institute, with an unflinching focus on offering the finest educational environment and infrastructure to the young geniuses, JPInternational School is the name to reckon with. As its several accolades, accomplishments, and initiatives set the school apart, here’s giving you a closer look at what makes JP International School one of the forerunners of modern-day school learning.

DECA™ Model: A Unique and Indigenous Approach to Learning

Before delving deeper into the achievements and enterprises of the school, it’s important to understand the DECA™ Model, which has been developed by the school after years of research and analysis.The DECA™ (Discover, Explore, Connect and Apply) is the key to bring out the best in the young ones by equipping them with the required skills to attain success in their chosen arenas.

With an emphasis on experiential and practical-based learning approach, the Model goes beyond preparing the students for their exams. Be it introducing the advanced coding curriculum or focusing on strategic partnerships with top names, this vision of JP International School Top Ranked Schools in Greater Noida has been the cornerstone in ensuring that its pupils are future-ready in the true sense of the term.

The Availability of State-of-the-Art Educational Infrastructure

The school also prides itself in ensuring the presence of an advanced educational infrastructure that further promotes and aids the growth of the kids. The classroom teachings are aptly complemented with experiential learning set-up and laboratory hours to ensure that the concepts and ideas are aptly embedded in the students’ minds. Furthermore, a system ofSmart Classes has been introduced for each standard, whereby audio-visual aids to learning are utilized to enhance the quality of classroom sessions.

JPIS Clubs: AFun Way to Learn Better and Learn More

It’s never all work and no play for the young buds at JPInternational School, as the school has a number of Clubs that keep the momentum of learning going through varied extra-curricular pursuits.

It lets the students explore their hobbies and talents, and offers an outlet of expression for the creative young souls. To ensure that this goal is attained effectively, the charge of each of the clubs are put in the able and experienced hands of selected teachers of the school.

Speaking of Clubs at JP International, a special mention has to be made of the SPIC MACAY (Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth) club. The school has partnered with this renowned, nationwide movement by Padma Shri Dr. Kiran Seth to enhance the awareness of the nation’s rich cultural heritage among the kids.

Events and Platforms to Foster a Healthy Competitive Spirit

In the highly competitive world of today, it’s crucial for the children to understand the true meaning of the word ‘competition,’ and focus on inculcating the positive spirit of motivation underlying the term.

As such, the varied events brought forth by the school serve the twofold purpose of fostering a healthy competitive spirit among the children, along with offering them a platform to sharpen and showcase their skills and talents. And to accomplish that goal, JP International School has recently introduced a virtual platform named ‘Bedazzle 2020’ that lets the younger age group showcase their creative side, master new skills, and let their imaginations soar. The school is planning to unveil some really exciting events through this platform, and the response from the kids and their parents have already been overwhelming.

Partnerships with Some of the Top Names in the World of Education

There is a long and illustrious list of partnerships held by the school, each of which has worked towards strengthening its role as one of the leading educational institutes of the region.

In a milestone step, JP International School has signed an MOU with The International award for young people, wherein participant students receive the highly prestigious The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award.

Along with that, NITI AAYOG has also bestowed the honor on JP International School Best Schools in Greater Noida to establish its pet project Atal Tinkering Lab (ATL). ATL offers a dedicated space to let the children experiment with, develop, learn, and conceptualize various scientific ideas.

Besides, the school has recently collaborated with Matificto offer its students a fun and easy way to learn math. As Matific highlights students’ areas of improvement and takes them on an enjoyable journey in the world of math, their fear of the subject would be gone for good.

And that’s not all! A few other strategic partners of the school include Fit India, Katha, and Creative Thinkers.

The Varied Awards and Accolades Acknowledging the Efforts

The relentless efforts and hard work showcased by the school in bringing the finest aspects of modern education to the children has been praised time and again by some of the leading publications in the country.

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The school was recently ranked at number one in the category of Infrastructure Provisions in the list of India’s Top CBSE Schools by the prestigious Education- Today India School Merit Awards. It also got ranked at number two in Greater Noida by Times School Survey 2020.

There is no denying that the young scholars of today are the nation builders of tomorrow. And, it is immensely heartening to see that JPInternational School is leaving no stones unturned in securing the future of the young ones, and therefore, the country. The illustrious institute has come a long way in the sixteen years of its journey, and it is surely going to reach many more milestones in the days to come.