Imagine a colorful pack of popped jowar snacks accompanying you to satiate your hunger. Are they only for taste? Is that you love to munch them without knowing their health benefits? From homemade porridge to healthy chapattis; jowar is a complete package of nutrients’. When the same is converted into snacks, they are pretty tasteful to have any time you want.

Healthy jowar snacks support the philosophy of traditional healthy eating. If health properties are concerned it is cholesterol-free and rich in fiber. Also, nutrients like copper, iron, magnesium make it healthier when compared to any other snacks. Some other healthy factors include:
 No Trans-fat
 It is gluten-free
 Enriched with Protein, and
 High Dietary Fibre

Jowar Snacks At Tiny Pops:
Remember the grandma’s tastiest jowar roti with loads of cow ghee on the top. They were difficult to prepare as jowar flour is not easy to handle. When wheat and rice dominated the staple market, jowar was sidelined and given a tag of “food for the poor”. Though blessed with healthy content, it slowly got replaced with other staples.

Jowar is not only a crop; it is the base for survival for those who stay in dry arid areas. Since it needs less water and irrigation facilities, it can be easily grown even in rough mountain terrains. But not much has changed in its form of consumption. It is the taste and difficulties to deal with jowar which has made it an occasional ingredient in many parts of India.

Tiny pops jowar snacks have redefined the way of consuming jowar. Blended with rich spices, the jowar popcorns have taste and benefit both embedded in a single pack. A 25 grams pack of jowar pops gives you immense energy keeping in mind the prominent health factors. These flavorful snacks will make you drool loaded with nutrition and sumptuous in taste.

Tasty Flavors Added To Jowar Pops:
What makes jowar pops tastier is the added flavors. They are available in three different tastes seasoned with the magic of Indian spices. Tiny Pops assures you the tastiest jowar popcorns who you would have ever tasted.

Tiny Pops Imli Chatka:
It can be irresistible for you when the healthy jowar is combined with a tangy tamarind taste. Popularly known as Imli, it has high natural antioxidants good for the heart and liver. Health experts advise to consuming 10g of tamarind every day. The imli chatkha jowar pop flavor is a surprise package for you.

Tiny Pops Desi Aam Panna:
Why wait for the summer season to taste the refreshing aam panna? Get the raw mango drink taste infused in jowar pops. It will give you the taste of traditional aam panna along with the goodness of jowar. An Awesome combination to try!

Tiny Pops Tomato Masala:
If you want to taste a snack with a high vitamin nutriment; switch your taste buds to the spicy tomato masala flavor. It is seasoned with a special mix of tomato paste, chat masala, garam masala, chilli paste, and salt.

The jowar pops are neither fried nor baked. It has a fat content of less than 1%. Try the combo pack of these three flavors and let your taste bud crave for something healthy you were always on a hunt for.

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