Handling Jowar in the Indian kitchen is a difficult culinary art to master. If you are a beginner, it is the toughest. You might get rewarded for making a jowar chappati as it does not cooperate with the rolling pin. However, it is medicine for people suffering from diabetes. Including jowar in your diet helps in fighting the insulin system.

The consumption of jowar control blood sugar level and maintains it inside the body. Usually, a diabetic patient has less food choice. They are strictly instructed by their family doctors with a fixed diet to follow. Also, the diabetes diet plan is not that tasty because health concerns rule over your taste buds.

How Diabetic People Can Choose Their Favorite Snacks?

Diabetes is also called a silent killer. You must be aware of the symptoms for early detection and start molding your diet. Especially, if foodies are diagnosed, it is a major issue as snack cravings for them never end. If you have diabetes, keep a check on your diet pattern and choose healthy snack options like jowar popcorns.

Though there are many sugar-free snacks available in stores near you, they are not advised for consumption by medical experts. They contain a high amount of preservatives that directly affects the liver. Whole grain or multi-grain snacks is a great substitute for diabetic people over their regular snacks. They contain high nutrients especially fiber and minerals.

Benefits of Popped Jowar Snacks for Diabetes People:

There are certain benefits to switch to jowar snacks. Some of the major health benefits are:

  • They are rich in protein and mineral content. A packet of popped jowar contains 334 kcal of energy to stimulate insulin building inside the body.
  • You can get minerals like iron, calcium, and magnesium that lower cholesterol levels.
  • It has antioxidants that help your body to fight any heart complications. It also generates energy as these snacks are gluten-free.
  • It helps in weight loss as fiber takes a long time to digest. It prevents your regular craving for food.
  • From Where Can You Buy Jowar Popcorn?

    These are the consumption facts and benefits of popped jowar that diabetics can choose for their health benefits. As far as availability is concerned, it is easily available in stores near your area. You can also buy jowar popcorn online where you get multiple flavors like the imli chatkha, masala tomato, and the most unique the desi aam panna.

    They are made with quality ingredients that impart a great taste. A small packet of 25 grams is a perfect package for those late-night craving.

    Snacking Patterns For A Diabetic Patient:

    People suffering from diabetes are instructed a balanced intake. They should not overeat. It is recommended to have short meals every two-three hours. The proportion of meals is decided depending on the type and severity of the case. Their diet is fixed with lots of instructions to follow. Snacking for them might become a danger to their sugar levels

    Not anymore! Jowar pops can satiate your short hunger pangs without any health hazards. Keep your diabetes under control without compromising with your cravings.

    14th November is celebrated as World Diabetes Day. It is a reminder for us to control our food habits and keep those soaring sugar levels in control. Switch to a better life with better food habits.

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