In our everyday life most of the things we do are based on surviving. It does not matter who you are, how old you are or what possession you have, you have to survive every days duties or obligations. Most off the people have learned to think, act and behave in the way they were thought from early ages. Parents, relatives, teachers, friends and all the people in your life created your personality and then of course the urge to get by each and every day by just finishing the tasks. All your life you have basically be taught that the most important things in your life is everything but YOU, your self. It is more important to be like everybody, the average person, than being authentic, especially if your authenticity is something SPECIAL. It is also more necessary to be able to be what we call normal and do normal things , which are for example; behaving right, following the rules, being reasonable, being smart and of course being able to handle everything that the life demands from you. Your perspective is maybe more others peoples view than yours. And the way you are living your life is more based on how you were told to live. If you could dig deep inside your self you would find out who you really are, the Divine Soul that resides inside off you. The true YOU. Which has been erased slowly and replaced with new believes so you can handle the life like the people before you did. This is the reason for why a lot off people realize one day or another that the life is not fulfilling, we are not happy, something is missing or we just would like to have some changes. Most of the time we do not know what it is we would like to change and we have no idea of how to do some changes or what it is that is missing especially if we can say "I have it all" And that is because we are not aware off that the only thing that is really missing, is YOU, your Divine soul the innocent YOU. The beautiful child, a light born into this world so SPECIAL and UNIQUE. I advice you to not go on the search for the things that are missing in your life, just start the journey to your lost soul. If you for some reasons have heard that the way to spirituality is yoga exercises and meditation you will do a wonderful changes but I recommend that you start with recognize this unique child or soul within you. Spirituality is to discover the essence of your being; or the deepest values and meanings by which you would live your life as a authentic you. That is your soul being. There are few things that most off the people who embark on the journey to the soul or spirituality leave behind and jump to very spiritual actions like meditation and yoga. But if you put these few methods in to your everyday life you will make you journey more complete. Should I tell you Just one thing ?, and I recommend that you allow your self to patiently think about
it and not pretend or force your self do work this project. ** Write three positive sentences that describes you as you see your self, your body, personality, behavior, feelings, thinking and actions, for 21 day. Use each day to overview how you really are. If nothing comes to you then you don´t write anything so it is essential to write in a book the dates from the day you start 21 day, and give each day few lines so you can see afterwards how you managed in this workshop of self growth and that will also give you a new awareness of your self. If you have not written more than 50 sentences after 21 day, you should do it again for another 21 day and dig deeper. Ask your self why it is so difficult for you to appreciate your self, believe in your self and see your self as you wish everybody else to see you ? I am looking forward to give you the next tool to use in your journey to your beautiful soul.

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My name is Gudbjorg Osk Fridriksdottir, I am from Iceland and currently living there. For about twelve years I have bin learning and practising as a Life-coach, Consultant, Cranio-sacral-Therapist, Yogateacher, Distance energy healing, Power-massage and I am a Ho´oponopono-practitioner. My passion is to help people to Accept and Love one self, find the Purpose and Harmony in life, how to Feel Good, Happy, Successful and Marvelous every day. My therapies are combination off a physical work and consulting where I take people on the journey to the soul from a new larger point of view. My therapies are some kind of workshop where the individuals learn my methods which are necessary to find the Divine soul inside off us. I help people to recognize the emotions that forms their pain and teach them how to live Painfree, Healthy and radiant.
My Method is created to help one to experience a rebirth as the Divine or the person one is supposed to be, the light which was born in you. By living the life more as a Divine soul than ego-centered person. Truly people find peace, and stop the struggling and judging, more love toward them selfs and others, more power and potential, get the connections with the Universe, where everything is possible and balanced life.